About the Holby Tempering Valve. The Holby Tempering Valve is used. Find a dealer. Holby Tempering Valves are available through plumbing supply. holby-valve-installation+adjustment- instructions. Home · About · Valves.

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Here you can access all the specification sheets for all the products in your palette. Right below the product image you’ll find all the social media links. With the click of this button you can download an image of your palette to your desktop.

This helps guide you in your product selection without all the hassle of searching. This will give you the most room to play with all of the features provided on this site. Click on the “Download Image” icon on the right side of your palette. You can view similar products, palettes with this product, download spec sheets, view a large sized image, share on social media and view product info.

You can only share your palette via these mediums if your palette is marked “Public”.

To continue exploring and enjoying the vast library of products ProMatSolutions. When requesting samples you have the option to add a note to the request after you enter your shipping address and info.

If you’d like to clear all selections, simply hit the “Reset” button. PaletteApp is a free digital design tool, so sign up and begin creating! Remember to always save your palette before leaving it.


We don’t provide the palette title or description as that may be private information, but you can uolby the products in a palette, duplicate a palette and share it on social media sites.

All palettes are by default made public and viewable and made available for copy in the Community Palettes section of the site. If you click on any product, you’ll go to a page with more detailed product info. Simply click on any product image to go to the “Product Detail Page”.

Each tab on the toolbar has a unique function that allows you access products when making a palette. Just make sure your palette is saved and then you’re safe to leave the page.

About | Holby Valve

If you leave the ProMatSolutions site for an extended period of time OR your computer goes in sleep mode, you may holbh your browser session and any unsaved palettes.

Currently, the image is a low-res image.

You can create a different library for each palette. Simply click on the “Save” icon on the right-hand side of your palette. Product samples ordered by Pro Material Solutions users are provided directly from manufacturers.

In the toolbar you can click on the “Actions Box” and then select “Create New”. Be sure to “Save” your palette on a regualr basis. Holy browsing products you can click the “Add to Library” icon on any product and it will save to your library. When clicking on “My Account” you valvee go to edit your info and settings. They will uolby you via the email on your account.


For the best results, we recommend that you use the latest version of your browser of choice for enhanced features and security.

VALVES – 2-1/2″ Holby Tempering Valve

Depending on the amount of images and the size of your images, it could take a bit of time for the web editor to load or save your palette. On the right-hand side of the palette click on the “Edit Project Details” icon.

If you’d like to share your palette via email click on the “Email Palette” icon on the right side of your palette. This guide is here to help you learn about the features of the Pro Material Solutions website and how to use them. Here you can edit your account information. Share your vaove via Facebook or Twitter!

You can edit your palette’s project details by clicking on the “Edit Project Details” icon on the right-hand side of the palette stage. Here you can access all products in the ProMatSolutions database. On the right-hand side of the toolbar you will see a “Minimize” icon where you can control whether the toolbar is opened or closed. If you leave the Pro Material Solutions site for an extended period of time or your computer goes in sleep mode, you may loose your browser session and any unsaved palettes.