The great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori, has assembled here the very finest information about Our Lady, taken from the many writings of the Saints . Glories of Mary [Saint Alphonsus Liguori] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Glories of Mary by Catholic Book Publishing is an edition of . The Glories of Mary is a classic book in the field of Roman Catholic Mariology, written during the 18th century by Saint Alphonsus Liguori, a Doctor of the Church.

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When, behold, the compassionate Mother seeing her poor son in such anguish, appeared to him, saying: The afflicted Mother, fearing that other injuries might still be inflicted on her Son, entreated Joseph of Arimathea to obtain the body of her Jesus from Pilate, that at least in death she might guard and protect it from further outrage.

But what would she now say, were she still susceptible of suffering? But this is not enough; I wish to love my Lord; and how can better obtain me this love than thou, who art the Mother of fair love? And shall we not also be moved to compassion on seeing Mary follow her immaculate Lamb to death?

His aspect enamoured all; now He excites horror in all who behold Him. Copyright,BY P.

We are more afflicted at the loss of a brother than at that of a beast of burden; we are more grieved at the loss of a son than at that of a friend.

Having crucified Him, they planted the cross, and thus left Him to die. If thou comest whither I go, thou wilt be tortured with my sufferings, and I with thine.

As Jesus is called the King of sorrows and the King of martyrs, because He suffered during, His life more than all other martyrs; so also is Mary with reason called the Queen of martyrs, having merited this title by suffering the most cruel martyrdom possible after that of her Son. Ah, my most sweet Mother, obtain me tears to weep over such ingratitude. The book was written at a time when some Jansenists which were declared heretical by the Pope were criticizing Marian devotions, and was written in part as a defense of Marian devotion.

The executioners left Him; but not so Mary. Therefore we know that by the merits of her dolours she cooperated in our birth to the life of grace; and hence we are the children of her sorrows. On The Seventh Dolour The Burial of Jesus When a mother is by the side of her suffering and dying child, she undoubtedly feels and suffers all his pains; but after he is actually dead, when, before the body is carried to the grave, the afflicted mother must bid her child a last farewell; then, indeed, the thought that she is to see him no more is a grief which exceeds all other griefs.


Hence Tauler says, “that the most Blessed Virgin spent her whole life in continual sorrow;” for her heart was always occupied with sadness and with suffering.

Joseph went, and represented to Pilate the grief and desires of this afflicted Mother. No one can doubt that Mary suffered in her heart all the outrages which she saw inflicted on her beloved Jesus. Hence, the greater was her love for Him, the more bitter and inconsolable was her grief. This page was last edited on 15 Septemberat So also did Mary, in all things like unto her Son, endure her martyrdom throughout her life.

Monday -Prayer to the most holy Mary to obtain holy perseverance Tuesday -Prayer to Mary most holy to obtain a good death. Then one supported the upper part of the body of Jesus, and the other the lower, and thus descended it from the cross. They were foreigners unknown, without revenues, money, or relations, barely able to support themselves by their humble efforts. Before leaving the sepulchre, according to St.

Then, turning to those barbarous instruments of torture, she said, O cruel thorns, O cruel nails, O merciless spear, how, how could you thus torture your Creator?

~The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori (Online) & other Titles on the B.V.M.~

The Blessed Virgin revealed to Saint Bridget, that when the time of the Passion of our Lord was approaching, her eyes were always filled with tears, as she thought of her beloved Son, whom she was about to lose on earth, and that the prospect of that approaching suffering caused her to be seized with fear, and a cold sweat to cover her whole body.

Saint John Chrysostom asks why Jesus Christ, in His other sufferings, was pleased to endure them alone, but in carrying His cross was assisted by the Cyrenean? At this sight she first trembled with fear, and then exclaimed: She saw a soldier brandish a lance, and pierce the side of Jesus: She says, “Return, ye transgressors, to the heart. But do Jary say a like sorrow?

The Glories of Mary

O ravisher of hearts, when wilt thou restore me mine? Part II Discourse 8. Richard of Saint Victor confirms in a few words all that I have now said: Then it was that the angel appeared in a dream to Saint Joseph, and desired him to “Arise, and take the Child and His Mother, and fly into Egypt. Bonaventure, she blessed the sacred stone which closed it, saying, “O happy stone, that doth now enclose that sacred body, which for nine months was contained in my womb; I bless thee and envy thee; I leave thee the guardian of my Son, of that Son liguoori is all my treasure and all my love.


She remembered how she had pressed that Son to her bosom in the maru of Bethlehem; the conversations she had held with Him during the many years they had dwelt in the house of Nazareth; she remembered their mutual affection, their loving looks, the words of eternal life which fell from those Divine lips; and then the sad scene which she had that day witnessed, again presented itself before her.

There, moved by his misfortunes, and enlightened by God to change his life, gllries had recourse to the ever-blessed Virgin; and from that time, by the help of this Divine Mother, he began to lead the life of a saint, so much so that he merited once to see the very high place which God had prepared for him in heaven.

Father Engelgrave relates that a certain religious was so tormented with scruples, that he was sometimes almost driven to despair; but as he had the greatest devotion to Mary in Lituori, he always had recourse to her in his interior agonies, and felt himself consoled whilst meditating on her dolours. Thy justice is now satisfied, Thy will is accomplished; behold, the great sacrifice to Thy eternal glory is consummated. An appendix is devoted to defending the role of Mary as mediatrix of all graces.

Blessed Jerome Emilian, when a soldier, and loaded with sins, was shut up by his enemies in a tower. But was our suffering Mother also consoled by love for her Son, and the sight of His torments?

That we may better understand this last dolour, we will return to Calvary and consider the afflicted Mother, who still holds the lifeless body of her Son clasped in her arms. The disciple relates, that there was a poor sinner who, among other crimes which he had committed, had killed his father and a brother, and therefore was a fugitive.

You will remain open in the body of my Son, and be the refuge of those who have recourse to you.