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Some of the most romantic, sigh-worthy stories I have read have been about courtesans. Learn more about Amazon Inocenxia. If it matters, well, then maybe you need to re-examine your intentions. She is a wonderful, loving, beautiful, thoughtful, kind woman – who due to very unfortunate circumstances, none of her fault, finds herself “ruined.

Hawkscliffe thought Belinda was nothing more than a refined whore. In addition to this he is also presented as a paragon. It was instant attraction, but the love grew steadily, and very believably throughout the novel! She had an almost fiance, who was kind of thoughtless, and her father was very irresponsible too. No trivia or quizzes yet. So he wants Bel to stay on as his mistress. There gaflen several twists, both happy and heartbreaking, that I didn’t anticipate. Although she was often admirable, a lot of times, Belinda would do something and I’d think “Really?

Through some way of destiny, she meets Dolph, a handsome asshole who falls head over heels with her instantly.

Call it my feminist side or just a pet peeve of mine, but for me to believe inkcencia a relationship, I need them to be equals. View all 46 comments. Needless to say they fall in love and have to battle an evil man with scheming plans.


Paperbackpages. Quotes from Seductora inocencia. There were some good humorous moments but in the end the plot just wasn’t there, or maybe I didn’t connect with it. Ofley wasn’t expecting him to play the self-centered oblivious cad who wants his cake and eat it too. It is childish and unfair.


Seductora inocencia/ The Duke

Te permites xeductora rimas y todo: Very much telling, not enough showing. It was great to see him break out of the box he had been put into and truly feel free.

She had so many wonderful qualities, it wasn’t difficult to see why Robert would fall in love with her. After a sexual assault Belinda Hamiltion is at a lost to do with her life, and in a fit of rage and anger at the man who put her there decides the only course of action to somehow fix her life is to become a courtesan.

There is always something happening, but it’s like reading a report: Just the type of Hero that needs rescuing from himself. Did it add spice to the story? Finally got a chance to sit down and read this after having it on my TR pile for 2 years.

And certainly not put a monetary seductpra on things too precious to be treated that way. They help each other come out of their shells, they make each other happy, and they heal each other. Ember Island Kimberley Freeman. toley

It was so unique! Varvara rated it it was ok Jan 28, Robert realized his faults and decided to change them in the end, and Bel never allowed her love for her man get into the way of her independence as a woman! I’m not entirely sure how this book seductor so highly rated.

Somehow I’ve managed to read three in a row, all with variations on the same theme. Robert irritated me at times, but my biggest gripe about this story was Bel. She cuddled up with him and rubbed his head and even gave him head but still was terrified of sex when the plot called for it.


It’s beautifully written, full of romance and suspense, kept me wanting more – I even had these little funny flutters in my stomach! Foley skimmed over that aspect a bit. It just doesn’t hold true to who these characters are supposed to be.

At this time she’s only been ‘taught’ what to do by Harriet Wilson the courtesan who took her under her wing. View all 17 comments. Not all of them appear in The Dukebut with their family history and the choices they’ve made in life, the series should be as good as this book.

Seductora Inocencia by Gaelen Foley – Hardcover MINT | eBay

You can only make decisions based on your wishes and beliefs, not on what you wish others would do. I wanted to kick his butt in the last 50 pages of the book, but he redeemed himself in the end don’t they always? I really admired Belinda.

While I enjoyed reading it, the story seemed to drag on forever before coming to a conclusion and I had some issues with the hero, Robert’s actions. The flirting they do with each other, when they dance together, when she hosts a political dinner at his home, when they kiss, it all feels REAL.