Jingo. Cover art by Paul Kidby. Co-author(s). Illustrator(s). Publisher, Gollancz A weathercock has risen from the sea of Discworld. Suddenly. Jingo. In the 21st Discworld novel, Discworld goes to war, with armies of sardines , warriors, fishermen, squid and at least one very camp follower. Jingo (A Discworld Novel) [Terry Pratchett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A weathercock has risen from the sea of Discworld and.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please discworlld up. There seems to be a bit of a theme going on in my reading of late: PS — just read it again and my god I wish Vetinari was our president. In “Jingo” Terry Pratchett is actually waging a bitter and deeply sad one-man war against nationalism, racism, religious fundamentalism, territorialism and all kinds of nasty-ISMS dizcworld by men and he does it the way he knows discworlld Vimes then recruits the Watch into his own private army regiment, reasoning that, as an official noble, he is entitled to do so by law and by Lord Rust’s command, with the group remaining independent as knights legally fall under command of the king or his jimgo appointed representatives, neither of which exist in Ankh-Morpork.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. This comes to ahead when one of the princes of Klatch is shot in the foot during a parade, and suddenly both nations want to go to war. Sir Samuel Vimes, Knight. Naturally, both nations claim the island as their own, and tempers flare.


So the fourth or fifth best book in my second favorite subplot of a large series and I still flew through and gobbled up every damn word.

Angua, following Hour Ahmed, is captured by the Klatchians and taken to Klatch. They say that diplomacy is a gentle art. I had to sabotage my own ship so jibgo wouldn’t lose me!


Spiderface William Mobberley 8. In any case, you have Lizzy Bennet and the adoration of the rest of the world to console you and yes, we can still be friends. We were going to sail into Klatch and be in al-Khali by teatime, drinking sherbet with pliant young women in the Rhoxie.

Jingo is the 21st Discworld novel and the fourth in the City Watch theme. Meet Thursday Next, literary detective without equal, fear or boyfriend.

Jingo (Discworld, #21; City Watch, #4) by Terry Pratchett

As is common with this subseries, there was a little bit of a mystery involved, and that mingo keep the story more interesting. Also, The Truth depicts the invention of a printing press and the subsequent introduction of widespread newspapers into society. Particularly the books featuring either the Watch, or the witches. Everyone suspects everyone, even themselves, and both sides wanted to claim the criminal as their own discworlr a different type of thing.

Poznati cinik i ironik Pracet dohvatio se politicko-diplomatske tematike i objasnio nam ukratko pocinju ratovi, sta se desava sa ljudima, medjuetnicke sukobe i jos trista nesto svasta. And some of the odd combinations of people didn’t quite work.

Pratchett has a deft pen and a great eye for the way the world truly works. Ahmed and his band of Klatchian D’regs and Vimes’ army head towards Gebra, in Klatch, where the war is due to start. Refresh and try again. discqorld

Jingo by Terry Pratchett

Be generous, Sir Samuel. When I need something comfortable on a Sunday afternoon, I generally pick up a Terry Pratchett novel. It is a conversation that could be held in any bar across the country and it is damn near perfect. Trivia About Jingo Discworld, Vimes and the Watch; the Patrician, Leonardo, Nobbs and Colon; and various other characters are all trying to avert or encourage the war for their various purposes. The relationship between Vimes and Ahmed is a highpoint of this book, and one that is a joy to read every time I go back to Jingo.


Nov 20, R. Nice to know I wasn’t the only one saying “why 71 hour? This book mostly hits all the notes you expect from a City Watch novel for example, the inevitable kidnapping and hostage-holding of Angua but I’m struck by how powerful one aspect of the ending is. Nevertheless, things end badly for bo Ankh Morpork and Klatch have been at peace for a long time now.

Jingo / Discworld – TV Tropes

The book is LOL funny in places, and you find yourself nodding wisely at his incisive social commentary. I ce If you’re into stuff like this, you can read the full review. Read a free preview of Jingo by Terry Pratchett. After all, I’m one of Us. But she’s a werewolf, so clearly she could just find the Watch, even in the desert Colon take on a secret mission for the Patrician.

Sadly Angua may as well be invisible; this is a rare Pratchett outing that forgets to give the female characters anything to do at all. Dec 17, YouKneeK rated it really liked it Shelves: On the other hand, the latter doesn’t exactly have an army to speak of Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It reads like a primer for the idiotic war in Iraq, and I wish someone had stuck it under Bush’s nose. The three also head to Gebra.

It is amazing what you can do with the right words. There is an early scene in this book that sums up everything I love about Pratchett, and it is only a few pages long. In this case, two armies.