Products 1 – 6 of 6 If you have biographical information of Bill Dekel please email us. We would like to add it here. Air Writer by Bill Dekel & Timon Krause. MagicCN Store Air Writer by Bill Dekel and Simon Krause (Download) [ download] – Instant Download! Please give me your email when you buy this item. Air Writer Written by DekEl and Timon Krause Introduction I cannot begin So I gave it some thought and had some conversation with Bill and.

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Lybrary: Bill Dekel

Write your own review. Start with saying “I want you all to imagine something you could easily draw quickly if you were put on the spot. I honestly use this one more then I perform with words, because it’s a bit more surefire. When lines converge it always makes me wonder what is marked — an event past or future, a place where things will happen? Ask your spectator to imagine either the red Queens or the black Queens dissolving into the air. Just deekl with the zodiac revelation, there are many, many sekel to accomplish the same thing.

Make it into a timing thing, as if you care how fast they are writing, thus you naturally want vy to be ready to start immediately, e. Imagine naming a spectator a time, card, zodiac sign, or phone number, without fishing, that they merely wrote in the air out loud, aie using that information further in your routine. Ask your spectator to write a number into the air with two even digits if possible you then read his mind and make a magic square of it.

I know that you are hungry, but would you be so kind as not to concentrate so hard upon that? Now please think of a suit that starts with the second letter of your value.

I then run aid the process, and then pick up the small envelope, slip on the TT, and draw the symbol. Writed will just appear that much more impressive. Think deiel a wild animal – Lion. Another thing to notice is that there are some mini-boxes inside of the bigger ones, that hold clumps of letters. There are 26 of them, and only 9 possible locations where they could end.


The month anagrams I created are not only based on the individual letters, but the number of letters, so they are almost progressive instead of branching.

If you get to Orange, you can ask your spectator to think of a precious stone that begins with the last letter of the fruit; Emerald, and reveal both thoughts. Choose odd or even.

This is a chance, so choose which of the two you want wisely. During this entire process, your left hand should be at your side. Perceptions Air Writer If you find anything wrong with this product listing, perhaps the description is wrong, the drkel is incorrect, or it is listed in the wrong category, then please contact us.

The Influencer by Lewis Le Val video + PDF

L or R can be hard to determine, so sometimes on this one I ask if the letter has a curve in it, it helps considerably. It’s quite easy actually, you just need the first letter, and sometimes the fourth letter.

Thus, as long as you get them to hold their finger after they finish the drawing, and get them to draw large enough both of which you reinforce by a quick demonstrationyou will always be able to tell what digit they wrote. When it’s close to the center I always know it’s an A, from practice. You or a spectator writes a row of words.

We’re going to use some contact reading and another anagram for this effect.

Air Writer – By Dekel and Krause – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

So, how can you get almost the same impact as a psychological force with equivoque? The bigger letters are more common then the smaller ones, some of the more obscure letters are left out left to common sense, e.

Alternatively, you could force two words one based on the otheras you dekell learn a little later, and draw one inside the other, or one with the color of the other.

Timon received a MindCraft: Have them think of a word, and then a European country that starts with the last letter of that word, and then something like a vehicle automobile that begins with the letter. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The only exceptions will be words that end in O or Y which you can use Octobre or Yogur for. Air Writing could be a bit like muscle reading – you get more confident the more you use it.


Memorize those or make a crib of them. Bll it on yourself: Write your own review Frequently bought together with: Your spectator writes the first letter of their zodiac sign in the air. For me DekEl, high hit rate is more than good enough, I always look at reality.

Writdr looking at the pad, without touching the pad, without even turning around, the mentalist asks the spectator to pick up the book, flip to that page, and remember a word. He then asks them to think of a month or fruit that begins with the last vowel of the country. Write on and fold dummy. Frequently bought together with: A spectator raises a number of fingers behind their back.

Bill Dekel – Mindcraft Perceptions – Free Download PDF

Now that they have settled on a word, force a word of your choice, asking them to shift from their initial word to a country that starts with a vowel in their word, and then to shift to, say a fruit that begins with the last vowel in their country.

Hand a gold ring to a spectator to put on, and ask another spectator to think of a word. While the method is designed for English, it can work in any language. You will automatically remember the blue ones first, and then gradually the black ones as you need them.

Prime v2 Your spectator thinks of a word, and then makes one or two free changes to it, and then you are able to predict or name the word they are only thinking of. Now please, in your mind’s eye, picture a blank playing card.