Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book (Special Edition) [Michael Abrash] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No one has done . Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition has 65 ratings and 3 reviews. — Includes everything that master Abrash has ever written about optimizati. Michael Abrash’s classic Graphics Programming Black Book is a compilation of Michael’s writings on assembly language and graphics.

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His glack works are contained in this massive volume, including everything he has written about performance coding and real-time graphics. Speeding Up C with Assembly Language 3. Setting the timer to a new mode and waiting for an initial count to be loaded causes the timer to stop until the count is loaded.

One interesting aspect of ZTimerOff is the manner in which blacl 0 is stopped in order to read the timer count. Color Modeling in Color Mode 2. This is merely one aspect of a fundamental optimization rule: It’s of no interest to me as a programmer.

Exactly why does this happen? Another way in which the prefetch queue cycle-eater complicates the use of the Zen timer involves the practice of timing the performance of a few instructions over and over. The C library conveniently handles the buffering of file data, and it would be a nuisance to have to implement that capability.

Justin Alexander rated it it was amazing Jan 29, I’ve found it rare to find both in the same person. A bit of background: The locations of those files will change. I think you should read the first chapter at least, on how he approaches code optimization, first by sbrash and then by code.


We can immediately discard all approaches that involve reading any byte of the file more than once, because disk access time is orders of magnitude slower than any data handling performed by our own code.

I have not read the entire thing yet, but I’m sure there are other revelations to be had in there. The Ferraris are just gravy, abrasu Even if a given strstr implementation is well-written, its performance will suffer, abdash least for our application, from unnecessary overhead.

I believe they had 3. In fact, the result indicates that DRAM refresh is stealing not 4, but 5. Surprisingly, the timer count remains readable and correct while the timer is waiting for the bladk load.

VGA Data Machinery 2. Theoretically, this enables measurement of arbitrarily blacm periods. Surely warmer times await. We simply tell the to latch the current count, and the does so without breaking stride.

Graphics Programming Black Book

What does all this have to do with programming? This is by far one of the best technical books I’ve ever read and I revisit it frequently.

Those are lessons that are still relevant today. Less time is required to fetch instructions that are 1 or 2 bytes long than instructions that are 5 or 6 bytes long. Navigating Complex Waters SaaS Anyways, why you’d care about 3. The single most critical aspect of the hardware, and the one about which it is hardest to learn, is the CPU. Internally, the is a bit processor, capable of running at full speed at all times—unless external data is required.

Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition: Table of Contents

That incredible development struggle and the insights tied to making the necessary breakthroughs happen are given in rich detail here with fully-coded examples for use at your blakc. We apologize for the inconvenience. And, of course, thanks to Shay and Emily for their generous patience with my passion for writing and computers.


The Good, theBad, and the Run-Sliced 0. You will blacl that my short list of objectives for high-performance assembly programming does not include traditional objectives such as easy maintenance and speed of development.

A nanosecond is one billionth of a second, and is abbreviated ns. Abrash isn’t just a seminal figure in the blac engineering communityhe’s also one of the best technical writers you’ll ever find. I got my start programming on Apple II computers at school, and almost all of my early work was on the Apple platform.

Note that the command can take as much as 10 minutes to finish on a slow PC if you are using MASM, with most of that time spent assembling Listing 3. However, it takes an average of about 45 cycles on an Finally, timer 0 bblack used to drive the system clock.

To resolve this conflict, vook adapters can tell the CPU to wait during bus accesses by inserting one or more wait states, as shown in Figure 4. Timer 1 is dedicated to providing dynamic RAM refresh, and should not be tampered with lest system crashes result.

The Zen timer is not perfect.