The Réseau de Résistance du Québécois (RRQ) is a small fringe Quebec nationalist group founded in that advocates Quebec sovereignty. In , the RRQ claimed a membership of people. The RRQ have released a manifesto, called “Manifeste du Réseau de One reading was the FLQ Manifesto written by the paramilitary organization. 5 oct. , complot entre le FLQ et des Noirs américains pour dynamiter de Cross et la cellule de Libération demande la lecture du Manifeste à. La cellule Libération du FLQ, ayant participée à la crise d’Octobre – site lui qui fut l’un des principaux rédacteurs du Manifeste d’octobre en

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Police deterrence and flagging public support contributed to the decline of the FLQ. The Anatomy of an Underground Movement.

Le manifeste du FLQ (Segment) | CVE

The October Crisis of This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Consequently, a general strike involving students, teachers and professors resulted in the closure of most French-language secondary and post-secondary academic institutions.

But ultimately, the responsibility for all of this is the people who concocted this dim-witted plan. It conducted a number of attacks between and[5] [6] which totalled over violent incidents and killed eight people and injured many more. The group was recruited among various sources, eventually recruiting one Mario Bachand. Some of this article’s listed sources maniffste not be reliable. Montreal Gazette, May 21, Retrieved 2 April A number of other members of the FLQ were arrested as well.


Demonstrations of public support influenced subsequent government actions.

The ideology was based on an extreme form of Quebec nationalism that denounced Anglo exploitation and control of Quebec, combined with Marxist-Leninist ideas and maniveste. Public Violence in Canada.

Some of their more notable crimes include bombing a railway by which then—Prime Minister of Canada John Diefenbaker had arranged to travel within the week. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Montreal Gazette, March 9, After the bombing, police concluded that the bomb was placed in the toilet so inspectors could not find it. Several persons who were detained were initially denied access to legal counsel.

FLQ members practised propaganda of the deed and issued declarations that called for a socialist insurrection against oppressors identified with “Anglo-Saxon” imperialism, [10] the overthrow of the Quebec governmentthe independence of Quebec from Canada and the establishment of a French-speaking Quebecer “workers’ society”.

Members and sympathizers of the group were called “Felquistes” French pronunciation: Protests as Prince Charles, Camilla visit Montreal. This public support largely ended after the group announced they had executed Laporte, in a public communique that ended with an insult of the victim.

Public outcry and a federal crackdown subsequently ended the crisis and resulted in a drastic loss of support, with a small number of FLQ members being granted refuge in Cuba.


Patrick’s Day parade too English, says sovereignist group”. McClelland and Stewart, After another series of bombings, on September 28,they bombed the home of Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau. This page was last edited on 4 Octoberat The Sword fla the Shield: Quebec sovereigntism Quebec nationalism. The general public overwhelmingly supported the emergency powers and the presence of the military in Quebec.

Views Read Edit View history. It’s the patriotic celebration of Quebec started by a Quebec patriot, Ludger Duvernay inand it’s like an oppression seeing groups sing here in English. The operation was so successful that Canada’s prime minister believed that the CIA had conducted operations in Canada.

Montreal Gazette ‘s Quebec affairs columnist Don Macpherson wrote that the RRQ used propaganda of the deed combined with threats of violence [7] [8] and that played a major role in the cancellation of the reenactment.

Front de libération du Québec

Some of the members were organized and trained by Georges Schoetersa Belgian revolutionary. Montreal Gazette, April 1, The October Crisis, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

By December 29,police ud arrested persons with suspected ties to the FLQ.