Majik features Linn’s 2K driver array – an evolution of the array technology found in Linn’s highest performing loudspeakers – to create a wonderfully clean. Linn Majik Loudspeakers. High quality composite-cone drive units delivery pitch-accurate musical bass; Single port with unique “rifled” design for deep and . Used Linn Majik Floorstanding speakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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Few other speakers at this level can boast Majik ‘s credentials. Klimax Speakers Width mm Height mm Depth mm. The two high frequency drive units are housed in a single rigid chassis. Occasionally, due to stock demand, we can sell out. Majik Speakers Choose from our range of Majik speakers and take your first step into serious hifi. Home Linn Majik System. Customisable compact floorstanding speaker system with Exakt pinn and Akurate electronics.

Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. Akudorik Speakers Width mm Height mm Depth mm. Recording of March Don Fiorino’s guitar Submitted by jporter on June 22, – 6: Tidal Audio Akira loudspeaker. Whatever you’re listening to, Majik DSM gives you access to it all in one place, and all in stunning sound quality. Every thwackbrnggglihn sfffzzt in this performance seemed to pop out of thin air, each sound reproduced within its unique dynamic envelope and a long, natural decay.

High frequency precision and majii dispersion are provided by the 2K Driver Array featured across the Majik range, while separate bass majikk mid drivers ensure musical accuracy at lower frequencies. The 2K Driver Array delivers wide and consistent high frequency dispersion, also guaranteeing that music, voices and movie soundtracks all sound great throughout your room. Related Latest Galleries Recommended. The speakers are supplied with a pair of foam bungs which enable the user to plug the rear port for setups where the speakers are placed flush against a rear wall.


JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Compare 0 You have no items to compare. It is good to see a speaker that follows in that tradition. With the power and precision to handle anything you throw at them, our Majik speakers offer a choice of sizes and performance levels to match all your needs; build your perfect stereo system or create a full surround sound set-up.

Higher levels of lunn can be easily achieved with a range of upgrade options, from simple bi-wiring through to a fully Aktiv configuration within an Exakt system. If you’ve seen a better offer for this product, we will endeavour to match or better it.

Linn Majik loudspeaker |

Majik Binding posts x 4. Majik is an astonishing centre-channel speaker with a compact and innovative design, offering the perfect introduction to serious multi-channel or surround sound audio. Majik provides great value straight out of the box, as well as offering higher levels of performance through a range of upgrade options, from simple bi-wiring through to a fully Aktiv configuration within an Exakt system.

Once I’d worked through my reviewing backlog, two s were on their way to my listening den. Kingko Audio and Omega. Paradigm Persona 5F loudspeaker. Bookshelf speaker system with Majik electronics. Other customers matched these speakers with As I tested the speakers with my typical setup with a 48″ distance between the rear of the speaker cabinet and the back wall, I didn’t audition the speakers with the foam bungs. The Best Jazz Albums of Featuring Linn’s 2K Driver Array technology, derived from the flagship Klimax range, every Majik speaker will fill your home with great sound.


Please note that Buy Now Pay Later products have a deferred period on the loan. Award Winners Under 37″ 39″ – 49″ Over 50″.

Linn Majik 140 System

Terms and conditions apply. Barley, Granite, Grouse, Peat, Spruce. Suzanne Ornstein’s searing, silky violin, and Clay Ruede’s woody, rosiny cello. Higher levels of performance can be easily achieved with a range of upgrade options, from simple bi-wiring through to a fully Aktiv configuration using eight channels of amplification.

Alta Audio Hestia Titanium loudspeaker. The Majik also mated well with well-recorded violins.

Used Linn Majik Floorstanding speakers for Sale |

Our best floorstanding speaker system with Exakt technology and Klimax electronics Read moreā€¦. The upper harmonic extensions of all of Sillery’s notes were reproduced with definition, air, and just the right amount of metallic bite. Akubarik Speakers Width mm Height mm Depth mm.

Jenny Scheinman’s violin in “The Msjik Threw His Head Back and Laughed,” from her 12 Songs CD, Cryptogramophone CGsounded extended and appropriately sharp in the upper register, but also had a sweet, holographic, voluptuous quality throughout its range. A front-firing bass reflex port is hidden behind the left grille so that Majik can be positioned close to the wall without compromising bass extension.

Let the Majik System introduce you to the music you thought you knew well. Phillip Budd, Linn’s senior acoustic engineer, claims that this heavy plinth maiik the Majik ‘s performance.