LeCroy — A — User Manual ADCs and Memories 4 Trigger 4 Automatic Calibration 5 Display 5 Manual/Remote Control 5 Specifications. LeCroy Service Manual. Identifier LeCroy__Service_Manual. Identifier -ark ark://t47q2vs Ocr ABBYY FineReader A DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE SERVICE MANUAL North American Headquarters: LeCROY Corporation Chestnut Ridge Road Chestnut Ridge, NY.

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How do you get an MCU design to market quickly? Dip switch bank 2: Turn off all the traces except for CH2. Averaging goes on indefinitely with each new acquisition and the ef- fect of previous waveforms gradually tends to zero.

Select the appropriate mode on the plotter menu page.

LeCroy Service Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Therefore the two LSBs are not used. Side lobes 5 kHz from the fundamental frequency are clearly visible. Check with an ohmmeter: Power spectrum in dBm 1 mW into 50 Q.

Time-domain averaging – Averaging real-time sig- nals prior to FFT execution can increase the dynamic range up to 70 dB. As the package is a firmware op- tion which is installed inside the oscilloscope, it eliminates the need for any external controller and is easy to retrofit.

Each sample and hold is clocked by a differential signal SHCKxthe sampling bridge current is calibrated by a potentiometer P3 to P6the timing and the offset are voltage controlled by software, using octal 8 bits DACs BTthe current outputs are converted to voltage by operational amplifiers LM Calibration Error Log Scan by Paladinmicro – paladin paladinmicro. Horizontal bars provide absolute and relative amplitude, and power and power density measurements.


Also it is important to check the power supplies, and to readjust them to the nominal values. Follow the F power supply disassembly procedure 4. The instrument features high-fidelity 8-bit ADCs, 50K of non-volatile acquisition memory per channel, K of additional waveform storage memory, extensive pulse parameter analysis, and a highly sophisticated trigger system to capture the most complex signals, including spikes and glitches.

Two-axis vectors are needed to draw characters which don’t require large vectors.

BNC connector on rear panel. It is a LeCroy proprietary gate array.

Free Service Manuals

Steve, I do not have a but there are users on the group that do. The new topic will begin with this message. Dewetron GmbH, Benelux: Dithering uses slightly different portions of the ADC for 940 waveforms so that the differential non-linearities are also averaged.

Summed Averaging consists of the repeated addition with equal weight of recurrences of the selected source waveform. They are fixed with screws and washers see mwnual 4. They may however, despite these changes, work with HPGL compatible plotters from other manufacturers. Trigger Calibration Constants Scan by Paladinmicro – paladin paladinmicro. The transform size de- fines the decimation applied to the signal after the acquisition.


The cable has D25 connectors with male pins on both sides. Waveform operations can be performed on live, stored, manuzl or expanded waveforms. Triggers on opposite slopes of pulses wider than a value in the range 2. For “move” vectors, the rate is not set OFF from state 0 to 3.

This dual ADC architecture ensures absolute amplitude and phase correlation, maximum ADC performance for both single- and dual-channel acquisition modes, large record lengths and excellent time resolution. For ex- ample, it is possible to perform the integration of an averaged waveform or the multiplication of a differen- tiated waveform.

Reassemble the power supply unit to the scope. Janual to comply with these rules may result in being banned from further commenting.

Pulse parameters – Up to twenty signal characteris- tics risetime, falltime, RMS voltage, etc.