Way of the Ninja (Oriental Adventures Legend of the Five Rings). Home · Way of the Ninja L5R RPG Masters of Court (Legend of the Five Rings). Read more. L5R/Oriental Adventures: Way of the Ninja. Recently, during a gaming session, I came up with an Absolute Ontological Truth in gaming, which I now call the. Way of the Ninja – “Ninja are nothing more than peasant superstition and an Game Masters running the Second Edition L5R RPG will need a.

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They are guerrilla fighters, hitmen, scouts, disposable spies and so on, but due to their need to not be seen, even when operating openly, they do not often pose as samurai. Eventually, ninja started working for ninjw variety of clans, and many clans use ninja-like espionage techniques that would never suffer being called “ninja.

The Infiltrators likewise are not great PCs unless they are posing as a Bushi of some sort. Pretty much the only thing they don’t do when they’re maintaining the pretence of honour even if only to the levels of assumed Scorpion behaviour is dress up in black pyjamas, throw shuriken, and poison people in ways that can be connected back to them.

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Katas are special maneuvers similar to feats, but they require the expenditure of XP to learn vice XP feat slots. Think of them as part-time ninja. The book is dual-statted, featuring statistics for tye the d20 version of the setting as dealt with in the Oriental Adventures and Rokugan Campaign Setting books, and the Legend of the Five Rings 2nd edition system. I’ve always liked the oniwaban spymaster style of shinobeing, where your lord expects you to come up with information you probably have no business knowing about others, relies on this from you, and in return offers the courtesy of not treating you with suspicion in an unspoken understanding of roles.


Tue all, a trained swordsman would be able to tell if you were actually trained as a Scorpion Bushi, and that makes tye as one a bit of an unnecessary risk. In the setting, I find them exceedingly rare.

Aside from introducing himself as a spy, he is an ideal example. Way of the Ninja.

[4th Edition] Ninja Advice : rokugan

I’m leaning towards doing something outside the standard since my last character was a hardcore Lion bushi who never flinched at duty. The hidden moon dojo harness the power of the entity known as Nothing; though the lying darkness is no more in the Rokugan setting, there are some who can still access the power of the Nothing. Being a ninja is more a matter of will ot discipline than anything, with slipping into someone’s room at night and slitting their throat being a rare, severe last resort.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, New information is presented for the Kolat that goes beyond prior products. This caused many ninja to go deeper underground and scatter.


That’s pretty much the rub If they’re pretending to be normal Scorpion samurai, they follow their role. The Lying Darkness was destroyed, but the leadership was subsumed by a corrupt Dragon of Air. All nknja posts are expected to follow Reddiquette. A painter at court ninjz every reason to spend hours and days in the garden, painting the many interesting plants, and producing quality work makes that dedication not suspicious. Want to add to the discussion?

Actors are deep cover spies. Wednesday, 7th May, The numerical score is always oc personal evaluation Less significant than the clans and other powerful organizations like the Kolat, the minor dojo still have carved their niches in Rokugan.


Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Join Date Sep Location brink of total screaming madness Posts 6, Here’s what I mean: Once you’ve picked that, then talk to the GM about how you want it to work. The Goju Stalker is specialized in finding corruptible individuals.

There are two appendices.