Read a free sample or buy L’universo elegante by Brian Greene. Tutto quanto di meraviglioso avviene nell’universo è il risultato delle. L’autore dei bestseller L’universo elegante e La trama del cosmo affronta in questo libro la domanda delle domande: il nostro è l’unico. : L’universo elegante () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Brian Greene (San Casciano Val di Pesa, FI, Italy).

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To ask other readers questions about L’universo eleganteplease sign up. This is a little heavy for the average Joe like me… But even so, I’m glad I read it.

L’universo elegante

Since the postulation of special theory of relativity, Einstein and subsequent physicists have struggled to explain the four natural forces of the most basic components of matter; the electromagnetic force; the strong and weak nuclear forces; and the gravitational force by one unified field theory a. Return to Book Page. bruan

The middle section filled with technical ratiocination grefne the hardest and slowest to read, especially because I don’t consider finishing the book without reading these chapters.

Nevertheless, when a lot of these molecules stream along with one another they can produce water waves, with the attendant interference properties illustrated in Figure 4. This book has very high entropy, inundated with heavy information compiled compactly into a book of elegant language not pretentious like Sense and Sensibilitythough the analogies do help a lot.

Their calculations showed that if this haze is penetrated by examining the forces not on everyday scales but as they act on distances of about a hundredth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a centimeter a mere factor of ten thousand larger than the Planck lengththe three nongravitational force strengths appear to become equal.

This book might very well be meant not only for those readers, but most certainly meant, as well, for those readers who don’t want to consider that there might be much, much, more ‘out there’.

L’universo elegante by Brian Greene on Apple Books

But what appears certain is that no matter how you interpret quantum mechanics, it undeniably shows that the universe is founded on principles that, from the standpoint of our day-to-day experiences, are bizarre.

These patterns, kniverso determined by the extradimensional geometry, constitute the array of possible particle properties observed in the familiar extended dimensions. Apr 20, K. And when I say understandable.

It’s still a complex topic. He doesn’t try to teach you math but to show you through easy every-day-examples the concepts behind Einstein, Standardmodell and String-Theory. Ujiverso from ” https: Green univfrso your full attention. Several examples are also taken into account to profoundly explain some of the subtle concepts in this book. Since there is no difference between an accelerated vantage point without a gravitational field and a nonaccelerated vantage point with a gravitational field, we can invoke the latter perspective and declare that all observers, regardless of their state of motion, may proclaim that they are dl and “the rest of the world is moving by them,” so long as they include a suitable gravitational field in the description of their own surroundings.


Greene frequently uses analogies and thought experiments to provide a means for the layman to come to terms with the theory which has the potential to create a unified theory of physics.

Whereas the strengths of these forces are very different on scales accessible to current technology, Georgi, Quinn, and Weinberg argued that this difference is actually due to the different effect that the haze of microscopic quantum activity has on each force.

For anyone interested in cosmology, an absolute elegxnte read – ideally multiple times over a few years. Describes complex and abstract mathematical concepts in an intuitive manner.

L’universo elegante: Superstringhe, dimensioni nascoste e la ricerca della teoria ultima

Davvero un libro completo, anche se molto complesso. Each such observer is justified in considering himself or herself to be at rest. It is worth a second read through for more complete understanding, but enhances my imagination and geeene love for physics and cosmology.

View all 4 comments. Mar 23, Francesco rated it it was amazing. Even those whom we would normally think of as accelerating may claim to be at rest, since they can attribute the force they feel to their being immersed in a gravitational field.

Thanks for telling us flegante the problem. I gave the book five stars because everyone I respect did and I know he has written something special here. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Do you already have iTunes? If you eleganye know a graviton from a string, this book is a great introduction, and if univsrso already do, it’s a good reminder of why you became excited about these issues to begin with.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Initially I would say, “Don’t read this unless you are open-minded, fearless when it comes to the idea of ‘more, much, much more,’ etc I re-read it after watching ‘Genius: Univeso it has emerged as a winner as the theory grew out of academic obscurity to leading contender in quantum cosmology. Beginning with hniverso brief consideration of classical physicswhich concentrates on the major conflicts in physics, Greene establishes a historical context for string theory as a necessary means of integrating the probabilistic world of the standard model of particle physics and the deterministic Newtonian physics of the macroscopic world.


I left Christianity a few years ago and swore off religion altogether; however, after reading this book, string theory has become tantamount to religion in my life. This is certainly not the case and perhaps that’s because far more work is needed not just in completing the theory but grasping its real meaning.

He takes another route, if you want. An atomic particle neutrons, protons, electrons. I “modi di vibrazione”, le “note” intonate da queste stringhe, determinano la costituzione intima della materia, come corde di violino che eseguono una sinfonia cosmica ordinata e armoniosa.

If the elementary constituent of the universe cannot probe sub-Planck-scale distances, then neither it nor anything made from it can be affected by the supposedly disastrous short-distance quantum undulations. But it’s an emphatic bruan.

Well, that’s great in theory, but so what? At the end of the book, notes to each chapter, Glossary of scientific terms, and suggested books for further reading offers stepping stones to more enthusiastic readers for furthering their knowledge.

In fact, we have already seen this: Views Read Edit View history. Preview — L’universo elegante by Brian Greene. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

His literally illustrations, words and enthusiasm as you watch him show and tell the subject-matter are absolutely contagious. Be it energy or money the lumpiness of the fundamental units—and the ever increasing size of these lumps as we go to higher frequencies or to larger monetary denominations—changes an infinite answer to one that is finite. He does all of this through his lucid prose and the use of metaphors, without expecting you to understand a single mathematical formula.

I believe that time is not far enough when our physicist can finally prove whether The String Theory is really an Ultimate Theory of Universe or not.