Koha Manual Documentation. Release 2 Introduction to the Koha Installation Process. 3. SelectMARCflavour. This manual is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later . Learn more about this license in the GPL3 Appendix. RELEASE NOTES FOR KOHA 22 Oct As of Koha , the Koha manual is now maintained in DocBook. The home page for Koha.

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manuxl Circulation and Fine Rules 3. The first value in the AdvancedSearchTypes syspref is the selected tab; if no values are present, “itemtypes” is used.

When the network is back, you can upload all KOCT files from your circulation desks, and apply all of them at once.

Upload Local Cover Image 3. Holds awaiting pickup 9.

Koha released – Official Website of Koha Library Software

Installing the Printer 4. Koha and Your Website 1. Check In Messages 4. Upload Patron Images 2. Checking Items Out 1. Create a Routing List 4.


Koha 3.8.9 released

Wednesday June 5th, at Merging Bibliographic Records Via Lists 2. It is available for download from download. Installation of Locum and Insurge 3. The website for kohw Koha project is http: This is a maintenance release and contains many bugfixes. Record Matching Rules 4.

Installation of Koha Connector 5. GetSupportList to use TT syntax. Patron Card Creator 1. Shelving Location Authorized Values 9. To activate the caching you must: Average Loan Time 3. Change My Password 6. Paul Poulain Documentation Manager: Custom RSS Kanual 6.

Koha 3.8.20 released

Koha Search Indexes Create a List 1. Viewing your page 2. Creation of the Database mamual. Report a security issue Privacy Policy.

ICal dependancy has be removed and a DateTime:: Creation of User and Group 6.

The current development version of Koha can be retrieved by checking out the master branch of. Installation and Setup Instructions 2. Printing Overdue Notices 2.

The Koha project uses Git for version control. The current stored values are supported without any required modification. Bibliographic Record Cataloging Cheat Sheet 4. Customizing Koha Images 1. Magnus Enger Packaging Manager: Newest Titles Pulldown N. Koha is the first free and open source software library automation package ILS. Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, volunteers, and support companies from around the world. The Koha team welcomes additional translations; please see http: We also especially thank the following individuals who tested patches for Koha 3.


Planning for Go-Live Patron Permissions Defined 7.

Koha Manual (en)

The last Koha release was 3. Chris Hall Release Maintainer 3. It is with great pleasure the Koha community announce the release of Koha 3.

Common Command Language Searching 3. We thank the following libraries who are known to have sponsored new features in Koha 3. Add a new patron 2. If a contributor has been inadvertantly missed, please send a patch against these release notes to kohq lists.