2 Introduction to the Koha Installation Process. 3 MARC21setup. Manual Documentation, Release MARC21 setup. This preference lets you decide when you’d like to create an item record in Koha. If you choose to add an item record when ‘placing an order’. Koha News. Koha New & Updated System Preferences a step further and included a link to the Koha manual for each as well.

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However sometimes having rules only for the All Libraries option can cause problems with reservations. The library has kkha control over the images the patron chooses to display. Offline Circulation Utility It can not harvest from other repositories. This preference controls what the patron’s new expiration date will be when you renew their card.

You must allow EnhancedMessagingPreferences for this to work. Setting it to “Do” will ensure that items checked in at a branch other than their home branch will be sent to that home branch. Clicking on the stars on the search results will not submit a rating.

This preference controls whether the lists functionality will koba available in the nanual client and OPAC. This setting will lock the authority controlled fields, forcing you to search for an authority versus allowing you to type the information kohha yourself. If this preference is set to ‘circulation rules only’ then the item will remain khoa on the 25th.

Allow all patrons with overdue items to continue to check out. The preference can look for stylesheets in the template directory for your OPAC language, for instance: This is a free service to non-commercial sites with fewer than 1, requests per day. Using the ‘current date’ will add the subscription period to today’s date when calculating the new expiration date. Using maunal preference you can control what day shows as the first day of the week in the calendar pop ups throughout Koha and on the Calendar tool.


An analytic entry in a catalog is one that describes a part of a larger work that is also described in the catalog. These preferences set the default sort field and sort order for searches on the OPAC. In the examples to follow they will all read USD for U.

Allow opacuserlogin needs to be set to ‘allow’. Bibliographic Record Cataloging Cheat Sheet 4. TagsEnabled is the main switch that permits the tagging features. For each book or item that comes up during a user search, the cover image for that title will be displayed. If you choose ‘Do not show’ it will only show patrons authority records that are linked to bib records in the search results. This setting selects the information about an item that will display in the search results page of the Koba.

Merging Bibliographic Records Via Lists 2. To have only the subject heading subfield ‘a’ searched, set this preference to “Don’t include.

Defining values for this field does not make the guarantor field required when adding a guarantee type patron. This option would be used for circumstances in which the due date may need to be decreased or extended in a specific circumstance. The order of these fields will determine kohz order of the tabs in the OPAC and staff client advanced search screens.

Important Separate values with a space. Kohw this preference you can control whether or now patrons are allowed to create these public lists.

When duplicating a subscription sometimes you don’t want 3.01 of the fields duplicated, using this preference you can list the fields that you don’t want to be duplicated. Patron ioha are library-defined custom fields that can be applied to patron records. Manuxl circulation and fines policies will be determined by the library that checked the item out to the patron. Subtitle Display on Bib Records 1.

Stemming allows the search function to return multiple versions of the same word, as well as related terms i. This value is used in the statistics table to help with reporting. If this is set to ‘allow’ you will want to set the AutoResumeSuspendedHolds system preference. Important While labeled ‘Browse’ it is important to note that this is in fact an authority search, not an authority browse.


Important This feature is not supported by kohha browsers. Both results and details pages Important Not implemented yet. This preference tells Koha which .310 to use when searching for authority matches when saving a record. Tip You cannot have more than one service for cover images including local cover images set up.

[Koha] Koha released

We believe we are the only Australian Koha support company providing this service as part of your hosting package. You cannot have more 3.10 one service for cover images including local cover images set up. By using the Book Bag, or Cart, the user can print out or email a list of items found.

Define a range like If the preference is set to “Allow” patrons can place such holds, if it is set to “Don’t allow” they cannot. This means that staff cannot work from home unless their IP address has been authorized.

CALYX Newsletter August 2013

Tags allow patrons to classify materials on their own. Note If the number of items is greater than this number, the notice will end with a warning asking the borrower to check their online account for a full list of overdue items. The holds suspension feature can be turned on and off in the OPAC by altering this system preference.

Tip Set to 0 to include all overdue items in the notice, no matter how many there are. The first value kiha the AdvancedSearchTypes syspref is the selected tab; if no values are present, “itemtypes” is used.

Important Leave this field blank to disable.