The lyrics for Keshava Nama in English has been published long back. And, in that I had links for for lyrics in Kannada. However. I learnt singing Keshava Nama when I finished college. My parents sing it at am. pl. put the Keshava nama in telugu script. Reply. What is the importance of Keshava namas in Sandhyavandanam. have stated with 24 nama-s and svaha thrice is followed by Telugu and Kannada smarta-s.

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He is also the Lord of ‘Ahamkaara’ or ego. If you download and install the fonts of the languages supported on dvaita.

Keshava Nama | Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

He is the 3rd of the four manifestations of Vishnu and is the Lord of ‘Buddhi’ or intellect. Posted by Gopalakrishna on August 7, at I need this lyrics The lyrics have been posted and also the audio is on youtube as well.

Posted by pavani on September 6, at 3: Posted by SanathKumar on July 28, at Notify me of new posts via email. My parents sing it everyday and also on Friday evening while doing the Lakshmi Pooja. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


24 Names of Lord Krishna | Chaturvinshati Namavali of Lord Krishna

You are commenting using your WordPress. Posted by A Kanakaraju on February 18, at Anu, Check kshava lyrics page, and the youtube page. May Lord Krishana bless us all. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Among the Vishnu Sahasra Namas these 24 names are very important.

This site uses cookies. One who is protector of his devotees and destroyer of their enemies, One who is to be worshiped to get the wishes fulfilled i. It is upheld by many seers of Vaishnavism that the 24 Keshava Namas are of most special importance among the names of God that are namlu as Vishnu Sahasranama.

I need this lyrics. Notify me of new comments via email. It also means one who keeps Brahma and others infallible.

Kalpana Desai 31 December Kesava Namas refers to the 24 names of Lord Vishnu, the first of which is Kesava. Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu You will find details about Hindu Festivals, Slokas, Prayers, Vegetarian cooking and much more useful information.

Posted by sowmya on February 17, at 3: He possesses mighty valor and an uncontrollable form that protect his devotees. The name of God is so powerful that it has the capacity to vanquish any sins and desires. Posted by vanisubramanya on March 5, at The best example of this is the story of Ajaamila as given in Ajaamilopakhyanam in Sri Mad Bhagavatham where Ajaamila chants unknowingly the name of Lord Narayana nwmalu the time of his teluhu and gets rid of his sins.

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May Shri Lord Keshava Bless you all. These four manifestations are Lords of 4 states of the soul: Vaasudeva is Lord of ‘Chitta’ or subconsciousness. teougu

I learnt singing Keshava Nama when I finished college. I suggest you all do that, so that the tons of lyrics which are available online can be of help to you all. It is said that the first three names Kesava, Narayana, Madhava are tapatraya nivarakas. Posted by Radhasri on August 20, at 7: Email required Address never made public.