Joscelyn Godwin. · Rating details · ratings · 16 reviews. A scholarly treatment of catastrophes, ancient myths and Nazi Occult beliefs. Explored are the. Arktos by Joscelyn Godwin, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival. Joscelyn Godwin. London: Thames and Hudson. p, soft cover.

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Paperbackpages. Explored are the many tales of an ancient race said to have lived in the Arctic regions, such as Thule and Hyperborea. Ancient musicPaganismOccult.

Still a must-read for those who are interested in the subject matter due to the meticulous josceljn and the extensive references. A scholarly gem of occult history arktox par with Goodrick-Clarke’s book on occult Nazism. Books by Joscelyn Godwin. Truly bizarre character gallery – This includes the author, who joscelym to at least believe in parts of what he describes The last few chapters, covering the more scientific takes on polar shifts and the like, seem as if they have been jogged with the rest to give at least some voice to the more rationalist and objectively empirical demarcations on the subject.

A point of criticism is that Godwin, perhaps confronted with the vast number of authors and theories he needed to cover, confuses the reader with referencing to chapters still far ahead in the book and in so doing leaves much needed nuances at the beginning unmentioned until far later.


For the student of the occult, and anyone interested in a good overview of a topic all too often unfairly ignored in esotericism, this is definitely a must read. Far out material treated in an eminently sane manner.

Jun 26, Nathaniel rated it really liked it.

Pragya Chauhan rated it really liked it May 29, Joscelyn Godwin born 16 January at KelmscottOxfordshire, England is a composer, musicologistand translator, known for his work on ancient musicpaganism, and music in the occult.

Godwin, in the vein of Grantian historiography, also offers an interesting look into josclyn most hidden occult traditions whose spiritual pole is not lunar or solar, but stellar with Polaris Arktos as the axis mundi. Published August 1st by Adventures Unlimited Press first published Apr 13, Tim Pendry rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Well researched book which gives a complete overview of the diverse theories concerning the poles in arktoos, equinoxal precession, science and several superstitions.

Although published by Adventures Unlimited which tends not to be, shall we say, conventional in its authors who cover conspiracy, lost worlds, free energy and what-have-youArktos is a serious and interesting account of polar mythology in popular armtos, in the history of science and in esoteric lore.

Godwin Joscelyn – Arktos The Polar Myth – Balder Ex-Libris

This book demonstrates the power that symbolism can exert on the human mind. Dec 14, Gavin White rated it it was amazing Shelves: Views Read Edit View history. This is a scholarly, objective and insightful look at some of the most insane conspiracy theories and occult beliefs of the last few centuries. What can I say.


The author points out something that I’ve noticed, we as a species have a major obsession with the north pole and not the south pole. Godwin takes us from myth through early science to occult madness and finally to modern theory, revolving around the north end of the earth, considering the pole as the homeland of sup The second of Godwin’s books I’ve read — not joscelyyn wonderful as Upstate Cauldron but ar,tos full of erudite goodness.

Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism & Nazi Survival

Jul 05, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: Though one can only applaud him for even starting a most ambitious project. Godwin is not a believer but he does have a thing against strict evidence-based science. Nice intro to weird fringe ideas, their roots and the eccentric people behind them.

Given its hysterical conclusion in the exploits of educationally challenged SS officers and demented neo-Nazi diplomats, it is a world that we hope will never return. A mystical land guarding and protecting the most hidden truths. There are no discussion topics aarktos this book yet.

Nov 07, D. I found Godwin’s thorough analysis of the polar mythological archetype fascinating and godqin in understanding how Nazism became a thing.