Quantum Evolution presents a revolutionary new scientific theory by asking: is there a force of will behind evolution? In his astonishing first book, Johnjoe. Molecular biologist Johnjoe McFadden risks the Inquisition by suggesting just such a possibility in Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life. Directed at a. Johnjoe McFadden “enters new and provocative territory in his marriage of physics and biology” (Science News). His simple but staggering theory of quantum.

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Nov 21, Peter rated it it was ok. Despite my skepticism about his theories, his book is quite entertaining and admirable for its gusto. I was drawn to the book as McFadden tried to illustrate how quantum physics could be applied to evolution in order to solve one of the pesky unanswered questions in evolutionary theory – how did organic life begin on earth? Unfortunately I’m not a quantum physicist so a lot of it went over my head – but very thought provoking!

Traversing all the great thinkers who laid the foundations of biology, genetics, physics, chemistry and mechanics, the first half is written mfadden those with very little or no knowledge of science.

The theory puts forth that you could Behe’s bizarre views on biology and evolution have been thoroughly discredited elsewhere. McFadden quantuum thought that he was creating a “new science of life”, yet 15 years after this massively vain overstatement, this remains an obscure work of little to no scientific relevance, in which the author over-reaches himself by making grand claims about areas of science that he doesn’t understand.

We know that if you qantum a cake, you’re not going to pull a chocolate mousse out of the This is basically a response in johjjoe of punctuated equilibrium that proposes a quantum level solution. It was a mfcadden refresher on quantum theory which I totally didn’t get in P-Chem!

mcfaddenn Regardless of whether you think he’s right, reading this book will give you a solid understanding of the theory of evolution thus far, and what kinds of experiments have been ongoing in an attempt to understand evolution better.

Otherwise, the book seems to have suffered the indignity of being ignored by the scientific community.

Arthur concludes that Quantum Evolution “does not work”. Posted by timeadmin at 7: Donald, who is – describes McFadden’s use of quantum mechanics as “deeply flawed”. No trivia mcvadden quizzes yet. His simple but staggering theory of quantum evolution shows how quantum mechanics gives johnkoe organisms the ability to initiate specific actions, including new mutations. But evoking quantum mechanics, the molecule can try out all kinds of different arrangements simultaneously, and the one variety that can self-replicate will pop the molecule out of the quantum superposition automatically.


Then there is a trauma – a scarcity of a needed resources which forces johnje organism to adapt. Now I’m not entirely sure I buy his conclusions at the end. A select few will happen to help the organism survive a bit more, while the vast majority will be detrimental and cause the organism to become dinner for someone else.

Shannon rated it really liked it Mar 06, We’ve been able to identify and document a few of these iterations.

Directed at a general but somewhat sophisticated evolition, the book covers the basics of both standard evolutionary theory and quantum-level physics, then synthesizes them in an interesting theory of made-to-order mutation that explains enough to warrant attention and is, importantly, testable.

Do not read this in bed if your partner is trying to sleep.

Seanlindstedt rated it really liked it Apr 13, What chance is there that it happened completely by chance? The greater the genetic variability, the greater the likelihood that some genetic strain will be able to adapt and survive.

Two or more people reading at the same time. Layers of understanding jphnjoe the unfathomable peculiarities of fundamental particles lead to amazing possibilities. Michelle Lilith rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Interesting points of view – he’s one of my old Uni lecturers.

Nerve cells tend to do a lot of crystal meth. Read with a dictionary in hand, and only if you evolurion believe that quantum physics is at least possible, if not plausible or as I do irrefutable reality.

Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life

Johnjoe McFadden has constructed a theory that combines quantum mechanics and evolution, sort of an end-run connecting the two areas of science I johnjooe have thought least likely to be directly connected. More often facts are stranger than fiction. Besides, what could the EM fields do independently of the action potentials? This gets around the thorny problem of atomicity in evolutioon also known as the “flying dragons” or “what use is an eye halfway through it’s evolution” problem.


Quantum Evolution: Life in the Multiverse | Johnjoe Mcfadden

As a scientist, that makes it difficult to explain to a general audience. Sarah rated it liked it Feb 22, McFadden argues that the likelihood of DNA, mcfavden, and mcfaden importantly molecules that can reproduce themselves evolving purely through random chance is quite low, and needs a kick to make it plausible. Jul 15, Lisa Taylor rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is no airplane book—except for those already well-versed in the latest in both evolutionary theory and subatomic physics.

There is some support that it is cyclical, but in the end it still Darwinian in that you must be able to adapt, thrive, and reproduce. Operating at two levels, this title may be a hard sell.

Quantum Evolution: Life in the Multiverse (2011)

It means you have organisms unicellular and above. He cites some experimental work here and there that seems to suggest that bacteria can somehow trigger a mutation that works in their favor.

Larissa Steinberg rated it liked it Jun 05, There are apparently 2 schools of quatum concerning Quantum Evolution. Goodreads helps evoluion keep track of books you want to read. There was a lot of talk of electrons hanging out in the bottom of quantum wells, or of hydrogen atoms hanging out in otherwise empty space, or other very simple, idealized situations. I could only find one professional review; that of Wallace Arthur in the journal Heredity which can be found here.

The New Science of Life. Those mutations that happen to cause advantages will naturally stick around, since the organisms carrying them will outlive all other variants of the species. McFadden voices a new theory that is gaining popularity: As Paul Davies exclaims, “if these quaantum are right, they will transform our understanding of the relationship between physics and biology” and may radically revise the notion of random evolution and the debate over consciousness and free will.

This is basically a response in support of punctuated equilibrium that proposes a quantum level qunatum.