Programming Erlang, Second Edition. Software for a Concurrent World. Joe Armstrong. The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Dallas, Texas • Raleigh, North Carolina. Concurrent Programming in ERLANG. Second Edition. Joe Armstrong. Robert Virding. Claes Wikström. Mike Williams. Ericsson. Telecommunications Systems . Programming Erlang has ratings and 34 reviews. David said: A book with big cons and big pros. I think it will be easiest if I simply list the cons an.

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Retrieved from ” https: New to this edition are seven chapters covering the latest Erlang features: Books by Joe Armstrong.

Programming Erlang, 2nd Edition [Book]

Despite this qualm, I feel that I have a p Programmibg seemed like a pretty good introduction to Erlang. The book is laid out in a reader-hostile manner: Living in an Ivory Basement Interview.

Not a really well written book, but everyone’s introduction to Erlang. For example, a simple accumulator in Erlang might look as follows: Oct 04, David rated it it was amazing. May 10, Dave Peticolas rated it really liked it.

Membaca hingga bab 4 saja: Quotes from Programming Erlang. Programming Erlang by Joe Armstrong. Overall, I’d look to other books for the Erlang magic.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. That was not the case here. But i get the general idea how powerful Erlang really progrxmming.


Oct 13, Michael rated it really liked moe Shelves: He is best known as the author of the Erlang programming language. I had hoped for a tour de force from the language’s creator but instead I got a book I skimmed the last hundred pages of. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Your users will think that your code is slow. Jan 16, Robert Postill rated it it was ok Shelves: Erlang process creation is very efficient, and there is no great difference between running such a program as many threads on one box or many processes on multiple boxes.

Armdtrong you can get through the tough parts, you’ll be rewarded by a great explanation of how to build reliable systems based on immutable datastructures and message passing. A book with big cons and big pros. A SHOUTcast server which you can use to stream music to armstrkng computer in your house, and a full-text indexing and search engine that can index gigabytes of data.

Programming Erlang (2nd edition) by Joe Armstrong | The Pragmatic Bookshelf

Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. View table of contents. There are a few errors in the source. Description Prereqs Resources Extracts Author.

This is a great book. Ar,strong it’s really well illustrated with real life examples, so both new language and concepts of the functional programming comes in natural and pleasant process.

In the early chapters there’s a real feeling of purpose, but by the end you almost feel despondent as the author tries to motivate himself and you to try the best parts of the platform. Joe Armstrong, creator of Erlang, introduces this powerful language in small steps, giving you a complete overview of Erlang and how to use it in common scenarios. The language itself has a number of very interesting conceptual features. Written in an easy to follow way, with mostly interesting examples and some exercises for the reader.


So what’s wrong jjoe it? Interviewed by Seibel, Peter. This book deserves credit for being a clear, approachable introduction to the syntax and core ideas of Erlang.

Programming Erlang, 2nd Edition

Let’s start with the cons, all of which I attribute to editors asleep at the wheel or on crack: Jan 15, David rated it it was ok. Up the learning curve smoothly. Knowing new language is one other, knowing how to use it to benefit from all its possibilities is the other.

Oct 16, Bill rated it it was ok.