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On the other hand, this increase in military expenditure is unsatisfactory when measured against the enormous pent-up needs for modernisation after 25 years of underinvestment and the 2 percent political obligation. However, in these number were further modified.

Paradoxically, at the time these objectives steaming from the NATO security threat assessment and NATO defence dehrbeauftragter were achieved inthreat perception changed and more emphasis was put on territorial and collective defence.

Jajresbericht but not least, thanks to military cooperation between Germany and Central European countries, which has developed significantly in recent years, the results achieved in reforming the Bundeswehr are also important for those states of Central Europe, including the Czech Republic. For that reason, it was the conception elaborated by Harald Kujat himself later also the inspector-general of the Bundeswehr in periodDie Bundeswehr sicher ins It has, however, became more intense due to the American pressure.

In Mayit issued its final report, Gemeinsame Sicherheit und Zukunft der Bundeswehrwhich promoted a very substantial strengthening of the expeditionary element in the German wehrheauftragter structures, and provoked controversy and sometimes undisguised opposition among politicians and military leaders.

Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig: Elektronische Zeitschriften

Trends in German Defense Policy: Various types of expeditionary operations, including tackling international terrorism, supporting allies, protecting Germany and its citizens and, last but wehrbeauftfagter least, carrying out crisis response, emergency and evacuation operations, were considered in both documents as the missions that the Bundeswehr would be most likely to undertake. German political and military leadership was jahresberich able to prepare a military reform that would successfully anticipate the future needs of the German security policy.


Achieving this state would mean the increase by around 15, of nominal size of the land forces. In terms of the development of its capacity, during the s, the Bundeswehr underwent fundamental reductions in headcount and in the amount of its combat equipment.

The growing international responsibility wehrbeafutragter our country is accompanied by military commitments as well as the increased expectations of our allies and partners. Further, it was necessary to comply with the limits set out in the CFE Treaty. In any case, the emphasis in German foreign policy was on crisis prevention rather than crisis management.

Die Bundeswehr – sicherins Many procurement projects dated from the Cold War era and were insufficiently adapted to the new needs. In this phase, expeditionary operations supplemented the original, defensive roles of the Jahresbericut, but were not yet given priority.

Federal Ministry of Defence, What matters is whether Germany has the necessary capacity at its disposal. For the first time the Generalinspekteur has been placed in the direct line of responsibility for operational control over forces between the Federal Minister of Defense and the service operational jahresbricht.

Ausbildungszentrum in Texas: Bundeswehr verabschiedet sich aus Fort Bliss – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Plans are also wehrbeuftragter prepared to develop a new generation of the main weapons systems or modernising existing ones. Available sources imply that the plans of the Bundeswehr reform for the upcoming one and a half decades anticipate the return to the defence of territory and allies as the main task of the German armed forces, yet without reducing the German role in foreign deployment.


These include the successors to the Eurofighter and Rafael combat airplanes, the successor to the Leopard 2 and Leclerc main battle tanks and new artillery systems.

The ability of Germany to advance its interests in international politics will be affected by the results of such a reform. This was the framework within which the reform was completed in It will definitely take its time.

After the reform, it was entirely evident that these operations have become the main task of the armed forces. Germany supports the strategy of an inclusive PESCO, on the one hand, opening it to as many participants as possible and, on the other, avoiding clear commitments. The schedule for this should be ready by mid This is due both to external pressures – from allies and NATO structures – and to wehrveauftragter simple fact that one cannot live forever from what one has, i.


Interview vom Bundesminister der Verteidigung, Dr. Bundesministerium der Verteidigung, In terms of increasing the capacity to carry out expeditionary operations, inthe Bundeswehr, with itssoldiers, could sustain only 7, soldiers in expeditionary deployment at any given time.

Jahresericht the other hand, the expenditures on the German armed forces were successfully reduced and the main goal consuming peace dividends was achieved.