The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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This greatly reduces the operation and maintenance investment of large-scale networks. Therefore, the U meets the ever-increasing service requests.

Performance data is dumped automatically based on the configured values, such as n2000 number of days for different granularities and the database usage.

The main functions for managing system processes are as follows: You can construct the configuration data of the end-to-end network management by searching for the data at the NE layer of the U, or directly configure the data at the network layer of the U, and apply the data to all the related NEs. Then the rules will take effect on a weekly cycle.

iManager N2000 BMS

You can know the equipment running information through NE logs. Italic Command arguments are in italics. In this manner, the normal service is scarcely affected when packets of the mirrored service are captured and analyzed. N N no larger than imanagrr optical channel protection. Filter The filter is used to filter the matched logs and have the unmatched one left.

Remote Acceptance B2000 FTTx network construction, the U supports remote acceptance of deployed ONUs to implement one site immanager and reduce operation and maintenance costs. It is also applicable to other applications such as broadband Internet access and video conference. The U complies with the following international standards and protocols: The components support multiple instances in the distributed mode.

This function prevents packet increase in a loop network and generation of broadcast storms in an endless cycle. Support link attenuation gain mode as the adjustment mode. RPR ring topology can be displayed through a hms. To ensure data security, you need to back up the database periodically. With the template management function, you can quickly configure NEs in batches.


iManager U – Huawei

During user group creation, the user group details, management domain, and user group permissions must be set. Expand the link capacity by replacing the line boards on both sides of the link without interrupting active services.

In the distributed deployment mode, you can deploy all servers in only the same LAN. If the imanaver is a Sun workstation with more than two hard disks, disk mirroring can be installed together with the U The alarm maintenance experience refers to the experience summarized by customers during the maintenance. Within the pre-defined period, bks the time of an acknowledged alarm exceeds the threshold, the system changes the alarm severity.

In addition, the U provides standard external interfaces, through which the U is interconnected with an upper-layer NMS to form a hierarchical management network. When the spectrum analyzer unit detects that the sum of each wavelength power greatly differs from the standard power of the corresponding wavelength count, an exceptional event is reported to imanger U You can then take proper measures by checking whether the alarm is in the acknowledged state.

The policy packages verifying function ensures the correctness of policy package configurations and correlations among the policies within the same policy package.

This document provides guides for getting the features and functions of the U The Management capabilities of the U on different hardware platforms table is updated. The equipment divides the E1 signals into pieces, encapsulates the pieces into the Ethernet, and transmits the E1 signals to the opposite end by using the PW.

You can create multiple trails by duplicating a trail. Data Backup Bs U supports automatic and manual data backup. You need to set test parameters manually, start the test, and save the test result as the baseline of the in-service mode. During the discovery, you can cancel the discovery at any time.

  ALTEC 802-8G PDF

If a fault occurs to one of the bound services, all bound services will switch as a whole. FigureFigureand Figure show the software structure. This board adjusts the optical power of the abnormal channel so that the OSNR of each channel at the receive end is equalized. Real-time inventory change report can also be provided through this resource, it will be timely reported to mbs upper NMS to notify the carrier of the current network operation status and ensure data consistency of the upper NMS or SNMS.

Through the internal switch, the SDH signals from the receiving optical interface are sent ianager directly to the corresponding transmitting optical interface after passing through the regenerator section layer and being amplified.

By default, the platform provides the physical view. The parameters of multiple sets of equipment can be automatically generated through related service templates. The U provides the following configuration functions for CES service creation: Capability license controls the monitoring instance creation based on the license availed.

Product Information and Downloads

The protection mechanism of an HA system has two aspects: In this way, data packets can be transparently transmitted among NEs. This mode does not involve the spectrum analyzer unit, and is thus cost-effective. You imaanger monitor the operating status of the entire network in real time by browsing the topology view. For the U VRC01, the following issues occur on the live network: This limit is the bit error alarm threshold.

This application mode can be used to protect the sensitive data transmitted on the Internet. The specific OAM management functions are as follows: To ensure the high availability of the system, the U supports the HA system Veritas hot standby.