How to Change a Culture: Lessons From NUMMI. How to Change a Culture: Lessons From NUMMI. case study. John Shook. Save; Share. Manageris recommande l’article How to Change a Culture: Lessons from NUMMI , MIT Sloan Management Review, “What my NUMMI experience taught me that was so powerful was that the way to change culture is not to first change how people think, but.

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Toyota could have just chosen to go it alone, which would have been quicker and simpler. Leaders need to keep up with scientific, technological, economic, and industrial changes Moran et al, That translates into a promise from management to the work force: As a result, thousands of cars would end up at the end of the production line in pieces!

This example shows the power lewsons learning from others with a different perspective and welcoming change that can make all the difference. What do we do when someone else finds and exposes one?

The typical Western approach to organizational change is to start by trying to get everyone to think the right way. The key is removing the fear or reservation of looking at differences as opportunity. How do we ftom about them? Workers never showed up on time, people would literally get drunk on the job, workers actually threw their empty liquor bottles into the door frames of cars!


Trying to capture what I had learned of how the culture was changed at NUMMI, I developed a simple pyramid model that I later found out was almost the same as a model Schein had created much earlier. How would they support the concept and practice of teamwork?

How to Change a Culture: Lessons From NUMMI

In early at an assembly plant on the outskirts of Detroit, I observed a worker make a major mistake. Indeed, many of the same employees that worked at old plants who had disciplinary problems were also going to start working at NUMMI.

Photo retrieved from http: Toyota had many concerns about transplanting perhaps the most important aspect of its production system — its way of cultivating employee involvement — into a workplace as poor as Fremont. I think, the best way the people can change is, first, changing the behavior, then, as a result, changing the culture. Why was the joint venture attempted? Employee relations was improved with open door policies, direct communication, continuing xhange programs, and peer mentoring.

Many problems did crop up, but they were ultimately overcome. What better way than to get started with an existing frrom Fremontand with a partner helping it navigate unfamiliar waters? The best example of how the culture was changed at NUMMI is the famous stop-the-line — or andon — system on the assembly line.

It was already trailing Honda Motor Co. Global leaders must consider the contributions of other cultures as a way to further their organization and effectively move with the flow of change.

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Learning for Change: the NUMMI Experience

You must sign in to post a comment. His team leader will come to provide assistance within his ftom cycleor the time available to complete his assigned responsibilities. So I decided ot read up on it. The agreement with the United Auto Workers union was yet to be signed. How to Change a Culture: There was nothing at all that he could do. Exposing them can be a very personal and threatening matter. At the end of each training tour, we asked the trainees what they would most want to take back with them to Fremont of all they had seen at Lessons.

Learning for Change: the NUMMI Experience

Recognize that chane way that problems are treated reflects your corporate culture. Add a comment Cancel reply You must sign in to post a comment. A Toyota in Japan, any time a problem was encountered with a vehicle while on the line, if it could not be fixed within a given number of seconds or so, a long red cord was pulled by lesdons line operator or team member; the line was completely halted as a result.

Their answer was invariably the same: