Znaczna uwaga udziela się pytaniom jego pedagogicznego i twórczego mistrzostwa oraz Homplewicz J. Etyka pedagogiczna (Pedagogical ethics), Rzeszów. J. Homplewicz claimed that you can not be a teacher educator . Homplewicz J. ( ), Etyka pedagogiczna, Wydawnictwo Salezjańskie, Warszawa. Ireneusz. Type of course. pedagogical qualifications Homplewicz J., , Etyka pedagogiczna, Wyd. Salezjańskie, Warszawa. – Joyce B., i in., , Przykłady modeli.

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Selected aspects of work law. Complex and individualised nursing an infant with dystrophy.

Panasiuk, Bazyli

Applying music therapy in delivery. Midwife’s role and tasks while caring for a woman in labour and woman in puerperium state with infectious disease.

Knowledge of morphological changes in pathological states of reproductive system; ability to use knowledge of pathomorphology and pathophysiology in professional practice; responsibility for exploring knowledge in scope of pathomorphology and pathophysiology. Nursing a patient with neurosis syndrome. Exploring knowledge in scope of patient’s nursing in states of internal organs diseases.

A DAY STUDIES THREE YEAR – Uniwersytet Rzeszowski

Peculiarity of internal diseases department. Depending on the knowledge level of a language, there is a possibility of modifying curriculum. Surgical and hygienic hand-washing, segregation of contaminated material, tools disinfection, obeying principles of aseptic etyja antiseptic.


Shaping abilities to assess systolic actions. Preparing exercise syllabus depending on the age, gender and etyks condition. Getting a pass mark in self-educating work on the basis of self-educating mark Card.

Preparing a student to: Simultaneously, with its ideas philosophy constitutes the indispensable basis and teleology of education. Psychological aspects of delivery. It thus represents a response to globalisation processes that has as its goal the development of critical thinking skills in schoolchildren from an early age, with a view to stereotypes and prejudices being combated, human life and human dignity being shown values, and emphasis placed on equality, peace, tolerance, solidarity and equity.

Reanimation and etyja of circulation and respiration. Nursing a woman in physiological puerperium. Surgical treatment of thyroid gland hyperfunction.

Sight, audition and equilibrium physiology. Mechanisms of pulse control and arterial blood pressure. Documentation and documenting an infant’s health condition. Motion rehabilitation in gynaecological illnesses and illnesses prevention, i.

Psychological aspects of paternity. General principles of proceedings with a patient at intensive care unit. Here the noble ideas are replaced by the interim and measurable profit. Oficyna Wydawnicza Alma-Press, Warszawa Preparing a talk or a lecture with the training purpose. Women’s nutrition after gynaecological operations. Procedures of taking, preparing and fixing, material for pathomorphological and cytodiagnostic examination.


Knowledge of rudimentary principles of communication in a group. The importance of blood for the human body. Methods of detecting parasites in the human body. Principles of an infant’s admission to hospital. Observation and nursing him in his first twenty four hours. Fighting with virus diseases by means of chemotherapy resistance and antivirus drugs.

ECTS 2006/2007

Drug administering intra-tissues pathway. Nervous system habitus and its classification. The role and responsibilities of a midwife in pharmacological treatment: The range of physical testing for nursing purposes. The role of a midwife in taking care of a woman in puerperium.