Jul 27, El hexagrama 48 es llamado 井 (ching), “El Pozo”. You can alter the city, you cannot alter the Well. Without loss, without gain, they go and they come in their order. The Well is always the Well. A muddy bottom. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘The Well Of Joy’ . An inexhaustible supply of love, nourishment, and sustenance are referenced.

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The water in the well is clear, but it is not being used. When there is no longer an exchange with others, you are lost and forgotten. Jung — Memories, Dreams, Reflections. The Sequence He who is oppressed above is sure to turn downward. This return of the spirit attracts a new fate.

If the well is murky shoot the smelt; it is only the worn-out fish-trap. Our path is trustworthy. In this hexagram each line represents a level within the well heexagrama by extension suggesting a hierarchy of value in the unconscious.


But it is in an inappropriate place, and has no proper correlate. The Image The old character shows the well field system, eight family fields grouped around a central well shared by all.

I Ching Hexagram #48:

Generations coming and going and the continuance of life and development. Others will begin to neglect you, if you neglect what is best in yourself.

Clear away the confusion and return to your flow. Changes to 29 Abyss. This indicates the grand accomplishment of the hexagrma of the hexagram.

48 The Well JING

Originally Posted by topal. Line 2 Others don’t want because one needs to organize themself before being trusted. This is the “Love I-Ching” interpretation. She is neither to be condemned nor praised. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

When the ruler is enlightened, all receive the blessing. Although a town site may be altered, The Well remains the same. This hexagram symbolizes water over wood.

Ching / The Well

The sources of life are not taken care of. This hexagram can symbolize how you have much to share with others as an inexhaustible and nourishing soul. Only fearlessness can transform your ability to obtain your desire. Changes to 46 Pushing Upward. A well that is fed by a spring of living water is a good well.


You are in the Realizing phase hexaggrama this Pair. Thus the superior man hexagraka the people at their work and exhorts them to help one another.

The well remains in its place; it has a firm never failing foundation. Originally Posted by meng. Even while it has been neglected, Nourishment While Waiting suggests that through patience and diligent work, the source can renewed. If “the bucket breaks,” our understanding is unequal to our observation and the insights are lost. You could spend a lifetime and never come anywhere close to exhausting its resources. For this he deserves no blame, since he will be able to contribute more later on.