Helmut Pottmann of TU Wien, Vienna (TU Wien) with expertise in: Applied Mathematics, Geometry and Topology and Computer Graphics. Read List of computer science publications by Helmut Pottmann. Outstanding Technical Contributions Award – Helmut Pottmann. Helmut Pottmann joined the Technical University of Vienna in as assistant professor.

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Computer Aided Geometric Design 16 6: Geometric modeling in potymann space. His work has contributed to improve ICP registration between points and surfaces by using a locally quadratic approximation to the squared distance, with other key robust solutions to problems including parametric surface fitting and rigid registration.

Fast model based segmentation of ultrasound data using an active image. Designing patterns using triangle-quad hybrid meshes. BarnesBernd HamannKenneth I.


Helmut Pottmann (Author of Architectural Geometry)

His authorship is always a sign of significant scientific personal contribution in the project. Any of his papers includes new and non-trivial material, having being influential and having inspired new ideas.

International Journal of Shape Modeling 7 1: Shape space exploration of constrained meshes. As a scientist, Helmut Pottmann always puts the highest standards on his work.

Dr. Helmut Pottmann, Director of Geometric Modeling and Sc… | Flickr

Computer Aided Geometric Design 9 5: Locally optimal cutting positions for 5-axis sculptured surface machining. Discrete geometric structures for architecture.

Geometric modeling with conical meshes and developable surfaces. Symposium on Computational Geometry Computer Aided Geometric Design 14 5: Geometric Potmtann to 3-axis Milling of Sculptured Surfaces. Helmut PottmannKarsten Opitz: Laguerre minimal surfaces, isotropic geometry and linear elasticity.

He is able to find original solutions to problems in geometry processing which often are more elegant than heuristic approaches that have been applied before.


Rational blending surfaces between quadrics. Computer-Aided Design 30 7: Approximation of developable surfaces with cone spline surfaces.

Outstanding Technical Contributions Award 2018 – Helmut Pottmann

Functional webs for freeform architecture. Paneling architectural freeform surfaces. Martin PeternellHelmut Pottmann: Computer Aided Geometric Design 24 Helmut PottmannMatthias Eck: Projectively invariant classes of geometric continuity for CAGD.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 12 5: Graphical Models and Image Processing 61 2: Energy-minimizing splines in manifolds.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 13 7: Error propagation in geometric constructions. Computer Aided Geometric Design 7 Geometry of architectural freeform structures.