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I really appreciate tge “mathemagics”this “sacred science” as miss Leet writes aboutthat seems to be an integral part of Jewish mysticism since ancient timesvery likely influenced by Egyptian and Babylonian sources.

Christhood, Buddhahood, and so on Are the ones who attain the Supernal levels “Buddhas” Christs or are they high level Boddhisatvas Apostles?

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Tau Malachi :

The person’s muscles follow the commands of the brain and bring about the corresponding action. This groundbreaking work is the first to present the Christian Gnosis of the Kabbalah in a practical and deeply esoteric way.

So it is in the unenlightened condition with the arising of afterlife experiences and the generation of incarnations — unconscious, there is no telling what will arise, fortunate or unfortunate. In the tradition there are outer, inner and secret teachings on most topics, and so it is with the dark nights of the soul.

In essence, the first emanation of God’s presence and power is the will or desire to create, which precedes creation itself, and that will or desire is what is called Logos and Sophia-the word and wisdom of God.

Christianity Paperback Books in English. Christianity Paperback Signed Books. Binah is traditionally associated with ShabbataiSaturn. Here we are reminded of the parable of the Pearl of Great Price, the true kingdom of heaven, for which the wise would sell everything and do anything necessary to purchase it — when we are truly aware of the End-Of-Days we will certainly have the motivation!

It could be that his experience of Mochin Gadlut reached to the level of cosmic consciousness and the overmind, remaining in mental consciousness — this phenomenon is common at that level. Everything we can “experience” is filtered by our projections and expectationsfears and desiresby our egosbasically. With the coming into being of the Sefirot proper in Atzilut, along with God’s will or desire, God’s wisdom, understanding, love, power, lordship, dominion, splendor, righteousness and kingdom emerge, and through them the great name of God is revealed.

In these dark and perverse times it is quite something seeking to fully engage the Light Transmission, whether seeking to receive or impart; yet, because of the great resistance, the great challenge, whatever we do generates greater merit and spiritual progress in the realization of the soul — so there is a blessing and benefit to spiritual labors in the midst of a Dark Age.


If the person don’t reach at least the level of Ruach from Da’at to Yesodwith the Tiferet at the center during a certain cosmic timeis ” dust to dustashes to ashes “.

I am offended by the idea that Sophia gave birth to Lucifer, and that’s pretty much when I stopped reading. This is the way of self-liberating awareness! We can notify you when this item is back in stock.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah

When nalachi day arrives for us to meet with our Beloved and entertain love-play with out Beloved, who among us would forget that delightful day, so as not to remember and keep it? One need only consider the difficulty of conveying one’s mind and one’s thoughts through speech to another person and the gap of subjectivity between the speaker and the listener. Another characteristic of Atzilut is that knowledge, the knower, and the known exist in complete unity, so that there is no subject-object relationship and, in truth, no bnosis whatsoever.

This further division or separation of things happens through the cosmic ignorance that was created in the process of the tzimtzum.

A True lover and friend of Sophia! But in the process of this revelation, the cosmic forces become distinct and individual entities, codmic oriented to the universe above and others oriented to the universe below-some in submission to divine will and others seeking their own dominion over creatures and creation. First he or she decides what kind of buildings will fit the purposes for which they are being constructed.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah by Tau Malachi

Becoming by Michelle Gnoiss Hardcover Book 3. According to herthe four traditional olamot ,from Azilut to Assiyahrepresent the emanation of En Sof in the “descendent “involutive direction. I liked the way she wrote about the 7 shemitot and how she relates that with the traditional 4 Olamot and the lelvels of the Soul. And Hope in Chrisst ,for He has defeated the world.

Each chapter explains a different aspect of the Tradition, and ends with the associated practices of initiates, with meaningful insights that will enrich the readers knowledge and appreciation of the subject.

In the celebration of the Holy Shabbat as spoken, we become conscious agents of this tikkune and fulfillment — fulfilling the law and the prophets, taking up our cross and following in the Way. In a lifetime focused on the realization of ruach, this process is taken much further, for the greater intelligence, talents and uniqueness of the soul is developed and evolved, and the impact of its actions on others and the environment is far greater, extending much further than in the realization of the nefesh.


It is this that I was speaking about — naturally, in this development of consciousness there are prophetic and wonderworking powers that dawn, power that was not present in one who was asleep and dreaming unaware that they were asleep and dreaming. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. When we read of Jacob’s vision of a ladder reaching up from the earth to the heavens, upon which he beheld angels ascending and descending, the Kabbalah would say that that Jacob had a vision of the constellation of the Sefirot that forms the Tree of Life.

One of the most basic teachings of the Kabbalah is that God and Godhead is ultimately nameless and unknowable, and that, therefore, nothing can be said about God. Soand thats what i find interestingthe Boddhisatva ideal would be actually superior to the Buddha realization considering the static nirvana as the supreme realization thatas an ideal of “personal” liberation, would be an illusion the supreme one!

They are often distorted and certainly less than the divine glory of the higher Olamot. This groundbreaking work is the first to present the Christian Gnosis of the Kabbalah in a practical and deeply esoteric way.

At least not in this life!

Likewise, the configuration of the Sefirot is frequently depicted as the body parts of a human form, each Sefirah corresponding to malschi part of the human body.

Therefore, emotion is the motivating force at the level of Yetzirah-speech and emotion. Binah is always related to the sea and the ocean and Mary”Mar” seain Portuguese.

This relation of time and eternity i find very interesting. Read reviews that mention tau malachi christian kabbalah gnosis of the cosmic cosmic christ highly recommend sophian tradition great book recommend this book malachi in this book christianity and kabbalah bible gnosticism study mystical spiritual wisdom practices subject become follow.

The three times forming the dream of Adam Kadmon. Customers who bought this item also bought. In our analogy, the level of Adam Kadmon is represented by the desire and decision of the architect to build before there is any particular plan in mind.

What i find interesting in her vision about Gilgul islike what you said and like what is taught in Fourth Way teachingsthat if a person doesn’t develops and actualizes his or her Soul potential it may be lost and destroyed at the end of a cosmic cycle.