present-day thiophene research. Since when first report on the Gewald reaction was reported it became a universal method for synthesis of substituted. PDF | Chemistry of 2-aminothiophenes is arguably one of the most extensive and dynamic field of present-day thiophene research. Since when first report. Gewald thiophene synthesis – Method A. Siloxycyclopropanes 53 and 55 were reacted with Et3Nx3HF and Et3N in DMF in order to obtain γ- oxocarboxylates.

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Sinceshe has been professor of organic chemistry at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. The most crucial step in all cases of the basic Gewald reaction and its syntheis is the final ring-closure process, which is performed as an intramolecular nucleophilic attack of the sulfur anion to triple bond of the cyano group Scheme 7.

Presented synthetic approach is relevant also for the preparation other biologically active thienopyrimidine structures. Polymer,47, Subscribe Email Notification Register and get informed about new articles. Jump to Scheme 1. From the gewqld it was concluded that elevated temperatures resulted in lower isolated yields most probably due to decomposition of compound 10 or the resulting aldehyde.

TDP is co-enzyme present in a number of enzymes, including pyruvate decarboxylase, transketolase, pyruvate oxidase. Scoping experiments using ethyl phenylcyanoacetate 16 with different solvents and bases. Synthesis of substituted 2-aminothiophenes via Gewald reaction 2. The reaction continuation is based thoophene the condensation of the intermediate salt ketene N,S-acetal 43 with the halide ethyl bromoacetate or chloroacetonitrile leading to the corresponding aminothio-acetal which smoothly undergo a Dieckmann type cyclization in basic medium at room temperature Scheme Conclusions In this review we ysnthesis extended the problems of synthesis of variety of substituted 2aminothiophenes and their scope and utilization.


Walter 2 and Ian R.


Gwwald synthetic route to novel thieno[2,3d][ 1,3]oxazinones 65 using alkyl 2-aminothiophene carboxylates 62 as a substrates exhibits a facile three step synthesis, as is presented on Scheme syntyesis Scheme 21 Deazathiamine diphosphate deaza-TDP, Figure 1 is an analogue of thiamine diphosphate TDP, Figure 2the biologically active for of thiamin vitamin B1with a neutral thiophene replacing positively charged thiazolium ring.

It was shown that the presence of an alkyl or aryl substituent adjacent to the cyano group leads selectively to the thiazole by blocking the Gewald type mechanism responsible for the formation of the 2-aminothiophene.

Fifty years later, insubstituted 2-aminothiophenes with electron- withdrawing substituents such as cyano, carbonyl, methoxycarbonyl, aminocarbonyl, etc.

During her doctoral studies she joined the group of researchers at School of Chemistry at Dublin City University, Ireland and her postoctoral fellowship was held at Research Center for Nanometer-Scale and Advanced Material of Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, both within Marie-Curie actions dealing with chemistry and thiopjene of coordination compounds. Diabetes mellitus is a condition characterized by chronically elevated levels of blood glucose caused by incorrect function of the hormone responsible for the hGCRG activation.

We have collected together detailed descriptions of selected important new reactions and works used Gewald reaction. Additionally, the sulfur atom plays a decisive role by acting as an efficient electron sink as explained by valence band theory.

Gewald reaction: synthesis, properties and applications of substituted 2-aminothiophenes

She has co-authored the publications concerning her research interests in the field of heterocyclic chemistry aminothiophenes and coordination chemistry copper complexes. During a postdoctoral stay in —75 at University of East Anglia, she joined the group of Prof. The most suitable base for the activation with sulfur and the subsequent sulfur addition morpholine has been proved.

In this relatively new synthetic pathway the sulfur, which is electro active, is incorporated in a carbon electrode and used as a sacrificial cathode to yield S3. Conversion of formed ester 58 to final 3-deazathiamine 61 was accomplished in four subsequent steps isolating the crucial intermediates — aldehyde 59 and nitrile Received thlophene ; Accepted on ; Published on The versatility of title compounds as a synthetic entry to fused heterocycles such as thieno[3,4-c]thiolactones, thieno[2,3-b]pyrroles, thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines and thieno[2,3-b]pyridines is highlighted in following chapters.


Gewald Reaction

Jump to Figure 2. Although the thiazole formation from nitriles has already syntheeis shown to occur with ketones [] and carboxylic acid [27,28] derivatives to give 2,5-disubstituted thiazoles, to our knowledge aldehydes have only been shown to form 2-aminothiophenes [29]. In general, lower concentration was beneficial but at a consequence of longer reaction times in order to obtain a good yield.

VolumeIssue 1Reviews and Accountspp. Depending on the used starting substrates and the reaction conditions three basic versions of the Gewald reaction have been developed16, which were lately enriched by a fourth version.

From the symmetric ketone 47 the Gewald thiophene synthesis was conducted in a stepwise fashion through Knoevenagel-Cope condensation to give the intermediate 48 followed by base-promoted thiophene cyclization with sulfur.

Thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine-4hydrazide derivatives related to structure 73 Figure 6 were discovered as a moderately potent inhibitors of TGase-2 tissue transglutaminase.

The reader interested in the latter aspects can find further detailed information in the list of references. Applications of thophene 2-aminothiophenes in drug design, optoelectronics thiopjene dyes 4.

Recently, the improvements of the Gewald synthesis were announced. In this case the base, mainly secondary amine diethylamine, morpholineis used in 0. Oxford, UK, ; Vol. We have successfully shown that substitution of the nitrile precursor predetermines the reaction outcome yielding exclusively to a thiophene or thiazole product.