GE – EVS – ECOSYSTEM LECTURE NOTES anna university GE EVS SUBJECT CODE: GE REGULATION: // GE – PROFESSIONAL ETHICS IN ENGINEERING LECTURE NOTES. B.E / ENGINEERING GRADUATES 8th Semester. Documents Similar To GE – Environmental Science and Engineering – (Unit -I). Course Outline doc. Uploaded by. gangu. Environmental Science and.

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Our aim is to provide everyone access to quality study materials and contribute our part to education for a better world. Discuss the salient features of Forest act 8. Anti theft alarm for bikes.

What are waste lands? Discuss in brief the concept of sustainable development.


Write short notes on food chain and food web 5. Discuss the concept of value education. Write short notes on threats to bio diversity 8. Environmental science and engineering Questions B About EEEcube provides you access to several study resources that help you to excel in your Electrical and Electronics Engineering course.

GE2021 Environmental Science & Engineering Notes | Syllabus | Question Bank | Important Questions

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What is sustainable development? Write short notes on Disaster management 5. With my change in priorities, I may not be able to continue posting new contents or result updates in future. Write notes on Water shed management 5. Write short notes on causes effects and control measures of soil erosion 4. Explain in detail the causes and effects of air and water pollution 2.

What is an earth quake? Where is the Menu? However the domain and all the information posted until now will be available as before. Remote control for home appliances. Anna University rules for University Examination. Write a note on women and child welfare. Explain the characteristic features and functions of forest eco system and aquatic eco system 3.

Remote controlled fan regulator. How to request Study Material? Explain in detail the structure and component of an eco system. Electronic window fence charger.

Name and discuss in brief the types of rain Water harvesting. Post a Comment Note: What is value education? PC-Based 7-Segment rolling display. Write short notes on i Genetic diversity ii Species diversity iii Ecosystem diversity 7.

Write short notes on i Bhopal gas tragedy and ii Chernobyl disaster 4. Laser Guided Door Opener. Write note on salient features of Environmental protection act and wild life protection act 7. Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Optical Communication and Networks Question Bank Explain the term population explosion. Explain the activities of family welfare programme. Write notes on i Global warming ii Ozone layer depletion iii Acid rain 4. It is managed by Balaji MC Admin.


Write short notes on environmental impacts of mining 5. Explain in detail the causes and effects of marine and noise pollution 3. It has been an awesome experience to reach out to so many students.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Explain the characteristic features and functions of Gge2021 eco system and Desert eco system 4. Car reversing horn with flasher.

GE Computer Programming 4. What is rain water harvesting? Which calculator is allowed in Anna University exams? Motor bike theft alarm. Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan. Discuss in detail the role of Information technology in environmental management and human health.