List based STAT-data editor Viewing and editing of input data in list format, showing data groups (x-data, y-data, frequency) and surrounding data. Great for students and teachers in the sciences, engineering, or mathematics, the Casio FXG PLUS graphing calculator offers basic and advanced. Page 1 of 2 – How To Program A Fxg Plus – posted in Casio CFX/AFX/FX/ Prizm: Hi! I am a proud owner of a fxg Plus and want to.

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But what is the syntax for the input? Is it that easy???

Like This Unlike CrimsonCasio 06 Apr there is one thing you can do that is a fair substitue for getkey, it still stops the program but its a great way fz-7400g get input. From the listing you’ve given I can see no reason why this wouldn’t work. The display offers six lines of character data, each 13 symbols wide 48×80 pixels. Has any body got one?

But if you got 2 points the apex-point Fs-7400g an another P you can calculate another point and work it out. Davies 29 Apr im sure users can edit their own posts Casio is a storied name when it comes to calculators, so you’d expect anything from this company to come equipped with lots of bells and whistles, and the Casio FXG PLUS does not disappoint in that regard.

After those -Disp- you have do exe if you want the program to go on, what i plis to disable. Is so nice pls with it. Perhaps you could post a example for a menue with submenus or explain it to me, but remeber that i havn?


Davies 12 Apr try my website or casiocorner, but i belive they use Locate commands. It works alright, but there are a few things that could be improved: I wrote a program to calculate the number of days between 2 entered dates on the fxGA.

I’ve heard that you could by using locate integrate the results in a text. From your quadratic equation listing it doesn’t look as though the programming model has evolved too much between the 2 calcs so it might give you some ideas. There are even more cases like the ambiguous case involving the order in which angles are solved Students looking for a calculator to help with serious mathematics, especially related to calculus, differential equations, and complex engineering calculations would probably do better to look into more expensive and more capable models from HP.

fx-7400G PLUS

Is there a way of integrating results into a text, such as: Back to School F-x7400g 2 Page Show More Show Less. Toshiba Satellite P Page Apple IPhone Page 7: And its powerful features don’t stop there. Show less Show more. And what is that? Trending Price New. Any Condition Any Condition. Davies 28 Apr Fs-7400g Krait Gaming Mouse Page Subscribe to our newsletter. The gist of the previous comments i. Dell Inspiron Page I think you have And.

How can i stop the cursor from overwriting everything??

The functions and capabilities of this calculator were developed with the participation of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTMand it works best for students at the high school level. Like This Unlike grasko fd-7400g Apr See all 4 brand new listings. Like This Unlike genesis 27 Apr sorry, i realized my mistake the ambiguous case People who bought this also bought.


fx-7400G PLUS Manual

What my daughter needed! Why is it necessary to know whether another angle is obtuse or acute? A excellent option for a any student Is a easy and useful calculator,and my work I have one in my office to do different task with it,so I choose to take it to the university and use it in calculus,I love it. Do you know whether the Fx got a Locate-Function or not?

Skip to main content. Davies 27 Apr look at my website, there is a triangle solver, made by me, and one made by ross. Needed it bad for school.

How To Program A Fxg Plus – Casio CFX/AFX/FX/Prizm – Universal Casio Forum

How can I stop the cursor from overwriting, and make it insertingthings into a program? A sketch feature also permits users to add points or lines to any graphic display showing on the calculator. If there is an error or something to be altered in a programm, and i try to correct or insert something to it, the cursor overwrites the current order with a new one, so i have to rewrite the whole rest of the program.

Like This Unlike genesis 29 Apr i would have changed it if the forum let me edit my posts.