Anellis, Irving H. Review of Bart Kosko, Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic and Daniel McNeill and Paul Freiberger, Fuzzy Logic. Mod. Log. Fuzzy Thinking has ratings and 34 reviews. Ahmad said: Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic, Bart Koskoتاریخ نخستین خوانش: نهم جولای سال 1. Fuzzy thinking is the wave of the future, and the leading exponent of fuzzy logic, philosopher-scientist Dr. Bart Kosko, explains it better than anyone else can.

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Now America faces a great challenge that only the long-suffering author can set to rights. Much ado about nothing. Long sections are dedicated to claiming how clever the kosok is – alongside with his mentor and some other people he likes – and about how all of them have suffered because their talent and theories have been misunderstood by a bunch of nitwits. Want to Read saving…. Interesting book, but as noted in one other review here review, not particularly fhzzy written.

Bart Kosko

Witzigerweise wurde er in Baku geboren, genau wie der echter Vater Lofti Zadeh. Undoubtedly, as a hyper-intellectual hippie sort of character, he decided he needed some pop-science publishing history to back up his academic credentials.

Contents Shades of Gray. Very good intro to fuzzy logic. In noiseKosko introduced the concept of adaptive stochastic resonance[13] using neural-like learning algorithms to find the optimal level of noise to add to many nonlinear systems to improve their performance. Apr 25, Cameron rated it it was ok.

But modern western logic does not appreciate the gray. On tap are “smarter” computers and such medical advances as smart artificial body parts.

Ein Auto parkt irgendwo auf dem Parkplatz aber nicht im Slot.

For people who are interested to learn how fuzzy set theory is used in the social sciences, I would give Kosko’s book a skip and head straight to Charles Ragin’s Fuzzy-Set Social Science – an extremely enjoyable and illuminating read. A washing machine that recognizes how ‘clean’ is ‘clean,’ and washes until it gets there.


Gets a up thumb from me. Return to Book Page. May 17, Serkelion rated it it was amazing. Fuzzy logic mimics the working of the human brain and is used in machines so they will think more like human beings. This book explained a very valuable metaphor for thinking about imperfect information and uncertainty. I found myself skimming the later chapters just to read the quotes Kosko included. For a math book this was actually pretty accessible.

To take an example, it’s not that we can’t say with confidence whether an apple is red or not. And if numbers are fuzzy, everything is. Hardcoverpages. Rereading a gift from my high school math teacher! Unfortunately, he decided to make up a subject, and even after he did that, he forgot to stick to it.

Bart Kosko – Wikipedia

HyperionJun 30, – Mathematics – pages. I sold my copy of the book. Jun 07, Meltha rated it it was ok Shelves: In this sense voting just asks for trouble. I had this on my shelf and picked it up while reading Michael Shermer’s “How We Believe” to follow up on a reference Shermer made.

Und thinkinb ist er es wahrscheinlich. Es ist ein Unterschied, sehe ich ein, ob man einer Aussage eine Wahrscheinlichkeit zuspricht oder fuzziness.

Quite eye opening when I first read it. Views Read Edit View history. He is an attorney licensed in Thinkign and federal court, and worked part-time as a law clerk for the Los Angeles District Attorney ‘s Office. Interesting book, but as noted in one other review here review, not particularly well written.

A waste of time. Libro meraviglio tanto quanto l’argomento, ben scritto, completo e interessantissimo.

Common terms and phrases adaptive fuzzy system answer apples Aristotle atoms Bertrand Russell binary bivalent black-and-white black-white brain Buddha causal cells chip claim corner cryonics curve define draw engineering equation expert fact false FAT Theorem Figure fit value fuzz fuzzy cube fuzzy entropy fuzzy logic fuzzy rules fuzzy sets fuzzy system fuzzy theory give gray holds idea input Japan Japanese Kalman Kalman filter linear look Lotfi machine IQs math matter of degree Max Black means measure midpoint molecules motor speed multivalued logic neural nets neurons nodes nonlinear not-A Omron output paradoxes patches patterns philosophy probability problem Pythagorean Theorem quantum mechanics reason scientists sense signal smart sorites paradox space space-time statement subsethood synapses talk tall temperature things true truth turn uncertainty principle universe vague whole world view Yamakawa Zadeh zero.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you are into electronics, you might find this book interesting. It’s really a shame this train of thought has been dismissed, because there have been real-world successes in using it a computer application that can fly a helicopter that has lost a rotor, using approximations of expert human fliers as ‘rules’, even though no koako could ever hope to fly a helicopter that tninking lost a rotor.

Everything is a matter of degree – nothing is absolute. At the time of birth? As a professional I would have a lot more respect if he had gone out and commercialised it straight away. Fuzzy Thinking offers understandable insights into why fuzzy theory is valuable and how it can contribute to better appliances and better science.

Eastern philosophy, however, emphasizes yin and yang, unity, and the need to consider the universe from several different perspectives at once – so Asia has been more open than fzzy West to concepts such as fuzzy logic.