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Actually, I think this is more by way of a safeguard, because there are specific provisions in this Draft Constitution which occur subsequently where the Governor is empowered to act in his discretion irrespective of the advice tendered by his Council of Ministers. However, the Governor of a State should be appointed by the President only after consultation with fuuture Chief Minister of that State. But it must be used sparingly and only as a remedy of the last resort and after exhausting action under other articles likeand Once enacted, its provisions cannot easily be repealed or amended.

Many a voter will be handicapped in formulating the opinion and making a proper choice of the candidate unless the essential information regarding the candidate is available. Shalini Soni and Ors. Their policies must differ from one another; it will therefore be all the more necessary that there must be coordination of programmes and policies between the States and the Central Government.

AIR SC for adjudging the validity of an action based on the subjective satisfaction of the authority created by the Statute do not in their entirety apply to the exercise lighf constitutional power under Article of the Constitution. Shri Mahavir Tyagi United Provinces: If these attempts are allowed it would be amounting to tampering with Constitutional provisions. It only means that the Ministers have the right to tender advice to Governor.


The functions of the Ministers legally will be lkght to aid and advice the Governor. I gave notice of an amendment which appears on the order paper as Article A which I have not moved.

Maitland pointed out in his Constitutional History:.

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The Governors may change too, but the policy and instructions given by the Centre to the Governors will remain practically unchanged. These involved the dismissal of 9 State Governments in April and an equal number in February But the manner in which he has performed the dull role, as envisaged in a and. Chelmsford Reforms ushered in responsible Government, albeit in a rudimentary form. Purnima Yadav who was elected as an independent candidate.

The framers of the Constitution never intended that democracy or governance would be manipulated. Krishnamachari does not hold out the hope that the suggestion that I have made has any chance of being accepted.

Controller CP-192 scanners FUTURELIGHT SC-530, SC-570, SC-740, SC-780 and SC-980 (Used)

At the same time, in the Cabinet the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister or by whatever title he is described would be the Principal Adviser and I would like to fix the responsibility definitely by the Constitution on the Chief Minister, the individual Ministers not being in the same position.

Krishnamachari said that as Article of the Constitution empowered the Governor to disregard the advice of his Ministers and to take the administration of the province into his own hands, it was necessary that these words should be retained, i.

Give us a call at: This is on the basis that the loyalty to a party is a norm being based on shared beliefs. In the remaining 88 instances a close scrutiny of records would show that in as many as 54 cases there were apparent circumstances to warrant invocation of Article Having regard to the overall constitutional scheme it would be necessary to secure the exercise of consideration of the proclamation by the Parliament before the Assembly is dissolved. How can textile and resilient floor coverings be installed in new builds to allow future removal without residues?


Since there is no material to show that any party staked a claim and on the contrary as is evident from the initial report of the Governor dated 6. Sarkaria Commission also made specific recommendations for amendment of the Constitution with a view to protecting the States from what could be perceived as a politically driven interference in self-governance of States.

Whereas democratic theory turns to moral relativism, constitutionalism turns to moral realism. Documents on the other hand show that the so called resolution was also manipulated. In Bommai’s case supra though all the learned Llight held that exercise of power under Article 1 of the Constitution is subject to judicial review but in the matter of justiciability of the satisfaction of the President, the majority view was to the effect that the principles evolved in Barium Chemicals Ltd.

If it is not possible for such a Government to be installed and if fresh elections can be held without avoidable delay, he should ask the outgoing Ministry, if there is oneto continue as a caretaker government, provided the Ministry was defeated solely on a issue, unconnected with any allegations of maladministration or corruption and is agreeable to continue. In Union of India and Anr.

Then the Article goes on to provide “except in so far as he is by or under this Constitution required to exercise his functions or any of them in his discretion. The purity of electorate process would get polluted.