Frank Gambale – Chop Builder Vido guitar pro tab with free online tab player, speed control and loop. Download original Guitar Pro tab. Has any one here ever tried out Frank Gambale’s Chop builder. Its basically I have it along with the tabs, it really is very cheesy. I can’t vouch. Chop Builder Guitar PRO tab by Frank Gambale, download gtp file.

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I’ve also asked someone for the string and fret numbers from the accompanying TAB booklet. BlindGuitarist you definitely necro’ed this thread, and I cannot answer your question but I would guess that the proper fingering is whatever has the most economy, i.

If anything, it should definitely help one get their alternate picking together — this from the master of sweep picking. Turned my fingers in knots trying to get there!

The 80’s style is pretty funny in this one When I first saw it, I was like: Watch the guitarists behind him – sometimes they can’t even make it through a round. I’m blind, but have perfect bbuilder. I have chosen to ignore the other players, though fine musicians they are may be. BlindGuitarist Member Jun 27, I can’t work out a useable fingering for Round 5, Exercise 4 C Mixolydian in 6th’s”.


Gus Well-Known Member Apr 22, I was hoping to gain some insight into gamble fingerings as well. Its a great learning tool that dvd, but alas I never made it as far as round 5. Yes, my password is: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I’ve also asked someone frajk the string and fret numbers from the accompanying TAB booklet. The next few notes after that need some thinking for sure, and there are a couple ways to handle it.

Some of these exercises are extremely challenging.


It looks like he misses the last down pick, and also makes a rather shifty and unnatural movement with the left hand. For the record – I’m a member of the Frank Gambale Chopbuilder Accountability Group on facebook – we were all pushing each other towards making it through the video from start to finish. At ACM we were told in the first week that we need to get a copy of this and a list of books.

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Not only do I want to sort this out for my own practicing, but I need to remove any ambiguity when outlining the exercise for my students who are also blind.

However A to G is not a major sixth interval, not to mention A sounds horrible. BlindGuitarist Member Aug 6, Stylistically, we may never see anything like this again, and that may or may not be a good thing! You must log in or register to reply here. The last exercise in Round 7, String Skipping, is another nasty one. I have had this video for years, it’s an intense workout.

I will try to answer your gambxle question the best I can, but I make the disclaimer to you and anyone else reading: No, create an account now. However, how anyone could possibly forget Franks dress sense is beyond me.

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Frank Gambale Chords & Tabs : 23 Total @

Cool that you guys already knew this! Fractal Audio Systems Forum. Hopefully, the DVD actually show’s a close-up of Frank’s fretting hand, so someone can slow farnk video down and take a look at the fingering. The score indicates the very last note in the example to be A. I suspect the lack of much recent response may be because the video used to be on YouTube as per the original posters link, however the video has been removed due to a copyright claim by Frank Gambale. You are here at the invitation and discretion of buulder owners.


We would like to remind tbs members that this is a privately owned, run and supported forum. I’ve been messing around with this material for years and keep finding out little things like this. It isn’t possible – just look at the video, some scenes are filmed at night, some during the day – FRANK can’t play gajbale from start to finish. It probably should be Bb. Hey guys and gals, Wanted to share a video that I’m working on for almost a week now I have it on DVD – my thoughts are a little contraversial.

NOONE has done it yet This has been very helpful! Forums New posts Search forums. Someone definitely needs to do an intense analysis.

Frank Gambale – Chop Builder

I will double check this later today, but a good fingering for the last bar as best I can tell is: It’s novelty helps it stand apart from the rest, and the production value is high. In the buildrr A triplet, Frank uses his ring finger like a regular A minor folk chord fingering, and in the second A triplet he uses his middle finger which allows a simple slide up with the index and middle finger for the next bar.

For example, the sixths exercise I mentioned in my original post, especially the turn-around Bb on string-6 fret-6 is involved. I had no idea about switching fingers mid-exercise in anticipation.

Another thing I noticed is the player to Frank’s left does not use the same fingerings as Frank, e. Has anybody here actually managed the whole thing in one go, at tempo?