Fantasy Wargaming has 37 ratings and 6 reviews. Ned said: This is an artifact from the early days of role-playing. The authors are British students who p. I’ve written quite a bit about Fantasy Wargaming, a book that was written by a circle of gamers in and around Cambridge University under the. Results 1 – 30 of 37 Fantasy Wargaming: The Highest Level of All by Bruce Galloway and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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Thus stolen magic items may resist their thieves. A few other tables are more specific, although I think the range of results is usually about possible outcomes, so I think there may be a way to combine all the tables onto one master chart.

It falls down in combat, being still in its wargame gallowayy.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Fantasy Wargaming

Still, as you say, James, FWG is fun to aglloway occasionally, if only to ask yourself what the Hell these guys were thinking. However, it was no more complicated or preachy than most other RPGs; the accusation that it is politcially incorrect seems to come from hypersensitive people misreading or misunderstanding parts of the book. See details for description of any imperfections. Plus I pillaged mine from a used book store and the cover dust jacket!

Kevin rated it liked it Sep 24, The matte, textured finish on the hardcover, the medieval-woodcut-style gallwoay, the regular-mainstream-book-style layout, the yellow paper I think this is especially true of the next two chapters.

Perhaps this ambiguity is entirely intentional, as the Otherworld is, after all, mysterious. While the role playing game within might or might not be playable as a stand alone game, the articles about medieval society, magic, and religion are fascinating and potentially very useful for running a great variety of games not just those set in the middle ages either.


Thomas rated it liked it Nov 24, I asked more about the authorship and some other issues after the first email, and Nick gave me a trove of interesting information. Cornelis van der Weele IV rated brue liked it Oct 17, If you want to use any of my intellectual property for your own project, let me know: So, this series is hereby dedicated to the memory of an unsung pioneer in RPG history.

I have since acquired a number of Wagaming magazines that predate that by several years, and are probably my oldest RPG anything. The basic process is an appeal request is made, and if the power grants the appeal, either the power directly performs a miracle or it asks a higher-up to do so intercession.

I was in a really depressing squalid flat and was desperate to move, so [they] kindly offered to take me in as their lodger. Check out the new site at www. I also was part of the single bathetic test of the brufe Leigh Cliffs, a fantastically lovingly-plotted country-house mystery game populated by characters who included various fictional detectives in disguise — I played an undercover Charlie Chan, and found myself teaming up rather uncomfortably with a racially inflexible Bulldog Drummond — and whose neatly-planted secrets were bobbing nicely to the surface before somebody prematurely detonated the stash of dynamite intended for a later development and killed the entire cast.

With a 12 Charisma, my Leadership calculates to 11, not too shabby.


But I can at least try to fill in some of the space around it all. I HAVE played the game even came across some character sheets from ancient timesand it seemed really cool and interesting to me as a kid Sins and virtues are rated class and spelled in in detail for Christians and Devil-worshipers. I posted a couple of small entries on this book a few weeks ago, inc.

Fantasy Wargaming

I bought my copy when it was originally released as well. After about six months, Bruce decided he did not like the Ph. Rules and Handouts is mostly a collection of downloadable handouts meant to be printed and used to speed character creation and game play. The first kind relies on the system of correspondences more than personal power, and involves sophisticated techniques like astrology and tarot cards.

The dust jacket is in good shape, with no rips or tears, but with some slight wear along edges and corners. I suggested to Bruce that the whole lot could be automated, and showed him our new lab computer. John Fiala July 22, at 4: This is pretty much exactly how I imagine every weapon depicted.

Apart from these different effects, there are different preparations possible: The general types of spells covered are:.

Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway (1982, Hardcover)

But that all comes later in the rules. I understand he passed away rather young. Email required Address never made public.