from Chapter O (for Yoko Ono) Loops on bold fonts now form lots of words for books. Books form cocoons of comfort – tombs to hold book-. This new edition features several new but related poems by Christian Bök and an expanded afterword. ‘Eunoia is a novel that will drive everybody sane. Eunoia by Christian Bök I’ll Drown My Book by Caroline Bergvall Against Expression by Craig Dworkin Soliloquy by Kenneth Goldsmith Unoriginal Genius by.

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You were aiming for Gallic intellectual transcendence. A Transmigralation A pagan skald chants a dark saga a Mahabharataas a papal cabal blackballs all annals and tracts, all dramas and psalms: Paris Reading June 25 1: At the same time, listening to it and reading it just isn’t that fun or enjoyable. It is as if the chapter of Modernist epics—many of which devolved into sets of internal codes—were being closed.

Take a sculptor and tie his hands behind his back.

But one thing poetry is always about, no matter the subject, is language. A black mass, alas, has a bad rap that an Afghan can’t. But this isn’t a book of paintings.

Not much is said, but each tells a story. View all 4 comments. I had difficulty reading it, dizzied by only seeing one vowel at a time, co I couldn’t believe how experimental and time-consuming this book is. The first five chapters of this book are each restricted to the use of only one vowel: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I also found the concept interesting. You should try it too. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. With constraints, the familiar method of writing fails and questions arise that never would have before.


The last quarter of the collection includes poems that acknowledge other constraints. I sing with nihilistic witticism, disciplining signs with trifling gimmicks—impish hijinks which highlight stick sigils. There are other rules given to each of the chapters.

A Taxonomy of Sound Poetry Poems for the Millennium: He has also worked in science-fiction television by designing artificial languages for Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Five Poems after Poems by Jan Skacel But A contains a section on gambling, on taxation, on war and on medical pathologies. And he managed to work five hours a day on his manuscript, which he completed after seven years.

There chriwtian no discussion topics on this book yet. Three from Tristan Tzara The problem is not that unexpected swerves in the narrative tone or content are faults, it’s that the choice of moments when the text swerves to accommodate some rule, and the choice of rules themelves, are not articulated, and there is not reason to suppose those choices aren’t both expressive and conventional.


Poems and Poetics: Christian Bök: Excerpts from Eunoia

Instead, you got Christmas hampers and coffeetable oblivion. You can read it all in about half-an hour. Thats the sound einoia my mind exploding.

I can appreciate the work.

Review: Eunoia

The same is true for all the vowels. The title eunoiawhich literally means good thinkingeunola a medical term which refers to the state of normal mental healthand is also the shortest word in the English language which contains all five vowels.

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The Maltreatment of Meaning Outsider Poems, a Mini-Anthology in Progress 7: It is the smallest word in the English language to contain all 5 vowels. Octavio Paz on Modernity and Romanticism As an exploration of language, I thought the book was very well done: I mean, they let Harry Mathews in, fer chrissake!

Onto food, Oslo owns hot dogs, bon bons, globs of corn on moss. A Forgotten Manifesto from the s