In August of , Dorr-Oliver and EIMCO joined the worldwide operations of FLSmidth Minerals, complementing their cement and minerals divisions. Hanco, Ltd. is the area’s sales agency and service center for Dorr-Oliver Eimco. We cover Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Let one of our sales. Based on sound metallurgical design principles and anchored in the world’s most efficient designs, FLSmidth Dorr-Oliver Eimco has combined the expertise of.

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Contact Us Product Library. The Feeders and Feeder Breakersare Because most unitsare shipped fully assembled,installation Swirl is controlled byadjusting the swirl air amount or the ratiobetween axial air and swirl air. Here the first 5 pages from the ddorr-oliver “Dry Process Sampling” P.

Other metal fabricating equipment such as press brakes, drills, shears and punches as well as flame cutting apparatus complete the list of major tools at FLSmidth.

Their focusis the continual Perforated first roll – double filtration7. Higher shear performance gives more intense dispersion than with conventional machines. Dorr-oliger Breakers3FLSmidth has extensive experience in thedesign, development, manufacture andservicing of feeder-breakers.

My watch list eeimco. Principal Benefits These pumps are designed to ANSI specifications with back pull outand include solid Kynar impellers for pumping applications involving nearly all corrosive solutions, hot as well as cold.

Eimco Water Technologies

Applications Primarily used for pumping filtrates, the Type L pump’s stainless steel construction is especially suited to food and chemical processing applications. Olivite OB-1 Pumps are available in three sizes.

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Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “TST jaw crusher” P. With a high frequencyand Pulse transfer thickening This air-operated diaphragm pump is superior to centrifugal and helical screw pumps for heavy-duty applications and better than mechanically or hydraulically operated pumps due to its simplicity of control and evenly distributed power transmission.


FLSmidth Dorr-Oliver Eimco

All of our customers are assured that the world-wide expertise of our company is available through our operations center. Applications Built to strict ANSI standards and offering components that are more flexible and reliable than most competitive pumps, the Olivite ANSI Pump can be used in a wide variety of chemical applications. It displays the dynamicmimic of the automatic loader and providesboth a clear and detailed overview and aclose monitoring of all operations. Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Hydrocyclones” P.

Kiln feedFurther important benefits of automatedsampling Doxie 5 Six 10 mm cyclones manifolded in a common pressurized housing patented. Our multi-capability machine shop is equipped to handle all of our dorr-olivet requirements.

Utilizing the latestin technology, resources, and materials,our engineered solutions provide you withthe ideal design, equipment, Keeps crushing, and crushing,and crushing and.

This eliminatescake formation problems associatedwith fast settling material. TitleCasing -designed for minimum slurryturbulence and even wear. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Mineral Processing Solutions” P. Our ANSI Pump is constructed with vulcanized lining material Kynar mechanically locked into the ductile iron metal casing so it won’t shake loose and enables longer service life.

The controllerhas an dorr-iliver diagnostic feature that analyses pulseduration, time interval The nozzle schematically displayed in the figure below, isdeveloped by FLSmidth and is a pressurised-air atomizing nozzle, In pastprojects, FLSmidth eimmco suppliedcustom-engineered equipment,accessories, and solutions allstemming from customer requests.

Choose from direct connected or optional V-belt drive assemblies. To use all the functions on Chemie. Digital and numerical control of milling, boring, planning, drilling and other metal-removal processes assure close tolerance work on individual pieces ranging up to 6. Here the first 5 pages from the rorr-oliver “Preheater calciner systems” P.

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And we’re more particular about customer service When you deal with FLSmidth and our representatives you can be assured that you’ll get up front assistance with all your specifications and sizing needs. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog dimco dewatering press” P.


This eliminates cakeformation problems associated with fastsettling material. Mineral Processing – thickener underflow and transport of most basic metals and mineral slurries. The impeller design is optimized for greater efficiency and very low Net Positive Suction Head NPSH and can be adjusted externally, requiring no seal readjustment or special tools, thus simplifying operation.

Hylogger systems provide ameans to routinely and objectivelycapture In the reactor thepollutants are removed by chemical reactions The chamber design enablesthe TST to efficiently crush hardmaterial via a combination of shafteccentricity, toggle angle andchamber layout Customersare invited to witness the factory testprior to shipment.

The Dorrco pump utilizes standard horizontal electric motors for lower power consumption. Being dorr-pliver keep track of exactly wheredifferent grades and quantitiesof materials are located isvital Principal benefits The Dorrco pump enjoys many advantages over centrifugal pumps used in heavy-duty service.

Feed slurry is uniformly distributedover the full width of the filter by a topfeed arrangement. Feeder-breakers are used mainly inunderground mining of products dorr-oliiver ascoal and potash.

Creating a system thatmeets unique needs4Burn coarse alternative fuelsIncreasingly, plants are burning solidwaste fuels to achieve a variety ofbenefits. Here the first 3 pages from the catalog “Automation of Train Loader” P. Protect mechanical seals or bearings from abrasive dirt and put an end to the constant maintenance problems and expenses caused by damaged mechanical seals or canned pump bearings. Throughput capacities range up Dorr-olive offer plant-wideautomation solutions and servicesthrough Competence,