Even after a second read (the first one was 30 years ago) I find it difficult to value this novel. What is it really about? A handsome Prague doctor, Tom. Transcript of De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan. Milan Kundera – 1/04/ nu – Geboren in Tsjechi√ę – Sinds in Frankrijk – Docent. Buy De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan 01 by Milan Kundera, Jana Beranov√° (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices.

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I find this book difficult to rate. What if we end up in a mess, unable to turn back?

De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan by Milan Kundera (3 star ratings)

It is to the detriment of his writing. The narrator is droll, sardonic, wise, and almost unbearably smug. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. There is obviously art to his work, but it is detracted from by the formula he’s set for himself and by the points he feels the need to state over and over. He was unable to identify himself with so alien and unfamiliar an object as the body. It is as if Kundera is repeatedly trying to unite his narrative in cohesion with his philosophical insights, repeatedly failing and repeatedly attempting lichtheic never entirely xe.

Al is het maar om aan te geven dat de eisen die een uitgever aan een boektitel stelt de afgelopen jaren zijn aangescherpt.

HardcoverDe Morgen Bibliotheek: This is what makes it one of a kind. They are questions with no answers. What happens when one of the characters packs her life in a suitcase and goes off to be ondrasglijke her lover? A fireworks show of well-dressed reflections onndraaglijke the purpose of hiding the characters’ immature behaviour under a gloss of elegance and sophistication.

Y no lo he conseguido. Apr 14, Caro the L.

Yet they do find some strength in love and do all they can to hold on to it. Reading the work is an experience of frustration as well as ondraaglijme certain admiration at his attempt, and the work never hangs together as a unified whole, although it does raise provocative issues to ponder.


Or do we put us through an ordeal now in anticipation of it paying off in the future? Tomas too had written an article critical of Communism, an article that now in the narrative comes back to haunt him as he is pressured to repudiate his former views. That raises the question: View all 14 comments. All we are able to imagine is what makes everyone like everyone else, what people have in common.

Helene Farber Provance If you liked the movie you may not like the book because it is totally different, i. Kundera merely uses plot and characters as tools or examples to explain his philosophy about life, and that is what this novel is all about. And yet, you, the reader, are never in control of the flow.

Although I have not had the pleasure of reading Karenina yet, I am very familiar with Tolstoy’s works and I understand he too was quite insensitive to women’s needs and tended to be self-focused.

I mean, I knew he was cheating on Tereza; we learn that at the very beginning. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book.

If one hovers one’s cursor over the stars, it is apparent bwstaan we are rating the extent to which we actually liked the book. Beautiful, poetic sentence, but what does that do to enlighten the relationship between Tomas and Ondraavlijke View all 27 comments.

That is why man cannot be happy: In the case of this licbtheid novel, I ended up feeling somewhat lukewarm about it in terms of “liking it” and therefore rated it with three stars, even as I am willing to assert that in terms of its literary quality it may deserve something a bit higher. Return to Book Page.


During the first forty pages of this novel, reading was a slog, very heavy-going. This issue is never clearly settled or resolved, nor perhaps can it be, the ambiguity being part of the very nature of the human condition. I disliked that about him, but I still found him an interesting ondraaglikje who had some perceptive observations to share.


What is it really about? It is the voice of the emptiness below us which tempts and lures us, it is the desire to fall, against which, terrified, we defend ourselves.

Thomas would score women a day? Her stomach makes a rumbling sound the moment she sees her lover His view is of a world and life without overarching purpose or intent, or at least of one that humankind can discern.

And I don’t just mean that in terms of it’s framing and context, but in terms of it’s style and the questions that it tackles. The ability to shape our own lives, to some extent at least, is a power. Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan. Lists with This Book. I think perhaps he did not have enough faith in his readers, and would rather they heard his point rather than the beauty of his prose. On the other hand, you may love the book as it would clarify the mess of the movie.

The problem that I have with that is the same one that I have with George Bernard Shaw, who writes prefaces and essays to his plays that are longer than the works themselves. De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan by Milan Kundera.

Het huis is een op het oog niet per se bewoonbaar samenspel van hellingen, van ruimtes waarin de arme Tereza vrij zicht heeft op de gang waardoor Tomas de benen neemt naar zijn minnaressen. He doesn’t even care what woman he sleeps with. Love is often accompanied by jealousy, mistrust, lies, deceit, pain.

Sabina y Franz, el complemento perfecto para conocer los tipos de personas que nos podemos encontrar en la vida. Or the dislocating impact of the Russian invasion of Tsjechoslowakia in ?