CubicExplorer, free and safe download. CubicExplorer latest version: File explorer using tabbed windows. View full description. CubicExplorer. Apart from the file browser and tree view, CubicExplorer provides fast access to bookmarks, quickview mode (for file content), filters, and stack. Whenever you want to quick look at an image, text file, pdf, media file, or anything other file type it supports, you simply select the image and press the spacebar.

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No thanks, cubicrxplorer to download CubicExplorer. All in all, CubicExplorer is a pretty good choice for those looking for an alternative file manager. Outstanding file manager for when you constantly work with a set list of folders. If you’re tired of Windows Explorer then give this a try instead.

What’s New in Version 2.

Fixed Allow Move button in Stack toolbar. It works already extremely well, and due to the forum and feedback functions, Vieew really feel part of a project! The program comes with just a few skins. Google Play Chrome Extension Free access your library of media from your browser.

Open Source Operating Systems: Very nice file manager. CubicExplorer is a customizable Explorer replacement that supports bookmarks, themes, and multiple tabs.


Advanced users may perform further tweaks concerning the Undo item count and day limit, word wrapping mode, maximum tab size, and others. The windows can be moved and spaced to suit the way you work. Your download is ready!

Manage Your Files Easily with CubicExplorer

I’ve been using it for months. You need to specify in “settings.

In our vjew installation, the auto-select feature would not deactivate when accessed in the Advanced Section of the Options Window appears to be a bug of some sort at the moment. They are very clear and comfortable to look at, though, so unless you want your computer to look “special”, it’s more than enough!

The program doesn’t always work quite as you expect. I’ve come to really love the interface, bookmarks, and tabs, but the PA version had some serious instability problems on Win7x Features of the program: If for some reason we wanted to view only the PNG files then checking that box would be enough to make it happen; or alternatively we could enter a simple text string and CubicExplorer should display any files with a name containing those characters.

Due to it’s functions, though, you’ll still save time using this compared to Windows Explorer!! Newsletter signup Enter your email address: The search function is fast, but more limited than in W.

Apart from the file browser and tree view, CubicExplorer provides fast access to bookmarks, quickview mode for file contentfilters, and stack. You can also view hidden files and extensions, change the UI theme, language and transparency level, make the frame stay on top of other windows, save and manage sessions, map network drives, and so on.


Will try the natively portable version. Read the full changelog. Saves you a lot of time!! Wanting to avoid installing numerous addons just to get what you need? Using the default program Windows Explorer for this often done job is very tiring and boring.

The search works fine. There are no less than 5 ways to copy a file or folder path to the clipboard, for instance; there’s an option to create symbolic links for files; and the program provides support for themes, transparency, and many different configuration settings, all of which can be saved as a working session for easy reuse later.

CE includes a built-in text editor, and an ingenious function; bookmarks! Qukck leave without your download! Add download to my watchlist. It uses tabbed browsing and has a build-in text editor which has highlighters for many different file types.