Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Pedro Cieza de León (Llerena, Sevilla , ). España. Fue conquistador y cronista e historiador del Perú. Escribió. Pedro Cieza de León (Llerena, Sevilla, ). España. Fue conquistador y cronista e historiador del Perú. Escribió una Crónica del Perú en tres partes. The First part of the Chronicle of Peru by Pedro Cieza de León is described by the Tags: Biblioteca Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, crónica, crónica de indias, Inca .

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Truly it is very pleasant to see the Indians of the Collao go forth with their beasts, and return with them to their homes in the evening, laden with fuel.

In many neighbouring hills, within the jurisdiction of this town of Plata, rich 1.

Whether this be really so or not I cannot say, but the Indians declare it. He wrote this book in four parts, but only the first was published during his lifetime; the remaining sections were not published until the 19th crnica 20th centuries.

I am surprised to find that Humboldt should have doubted this fact, ” La pomme de terre n’est pas indigene au Perou. To reach the city of La Paz, it is necessary to leave the royal road of the Yncas, and to go epru the village of Laxa. Chunus or frozen potatoes are still the ordinary food of the natives of the Collao. They count their years from ten months to ten months, and I learnt from them that they called the year Mari, the moon or month Ales paquexe, and the day Auro. Centeno fled, closely pursued by Carbajal, and hid himself in a cave somewhere near Arequipa for eight months.

Their flesh is the best in the woirld ; it is tender, wholesome, and savoury. Every Saturday the metal was melted down in his house, and of the royal fifths there came to his Majesty thirty thousand or twenty-five thousand pesos, and sometimes forty thousand.

Part one of the Chronicle of Peru, Pedro Cieza de León

The wool of these vicunas is excellent, and finer than the wool of merino sheep in Spain. It is said that, while the Ynca was engaged in this campaign against the Aymara nation, and being encamped amongst the ruins, a Canari Indian, serving as a chasqui or courier, arrived from Cuzco in an extraordinarily short space of time.

Near the wall there are many holes and hollow places in the ground. The flocks were divided according to their colours, and if a lamb was born of a different colour from its parents, it was passed into the flock of its own colour. They even say that the first Yncas thought of establishing their court at Tiahuanaco.


On its eastern side there is a cornice, in the centre of which a human figure is carved.

La cronica del Peru/ The Chronicles Of Peru : Pedro Cieza De Leon :

Historia del Peru, lib. The llama stands as high as a deer of Spain, but no animal does it resemble more than a camel without a hump, and a third part leoon the size.

The lower part, about one-third of the cone, was then hardly touched, in consequence of the number of springs which impede the working. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. He afterwards joined the fortunes of Gonzalo Pizarro, and that ill-fated chief entrusted him with the command of Panama and of the fleet.

Each row has sixteen figures, the central row with birds’ heads. Besides these, there is another sort of llamas, called vicunas. When the drink is ready, and the sheep and lambs killed, they carry the corpse to the place where the.

The people raise their crops on epru islands in the lake, where they also keep their valuables, as being safer than in the villages along the roads.

At the present time we do not know that they have any public. Jean-claude Marzec added it Mar 05, Their heads are very long, and flattened behind, because they are pressed and forced into what shape they choose during childhood. There were also many disputes and lawsuits among the traffickers.

At the present day they serve the principal encomienderos, and cultivate the precious coca. When they are tired they lie down, and nothing will induce them to stir, for if any one tries to force them to rise, they spit in his face. No trivia or quizzes yet. In another part, away from the hill, there were two figures of giants carved in stone, with long robes down to deel ground, and caps on their heads: After they had performed notable deeds, these tyrants, or edl, who had risen up in the Colloa, turned their arms against each other, seeking also for the friendship of the Ynca Huira-ccocha, who then reigned in Cuzco.

Cronica del Peru

This promontory is literally covered with places of sepulture. They add that one of these chiefs entered the large island in the lake of Titicaca, and found there a white people who had beards ; that they fought with them in such a manner that all were killed; and that they also fought great battles with the Canas and Canches.


The Indians go to the heights with the ores to extract the silver, and they call the moulds Guayras. From this, and from the fact that they also speak of bearded men on the island of Titicaca, and of others who built the edifice of Vinaque, 1 it may, perhaps, be inferred that, before the Yncas reigned, there was an intelligent race who came from some unknown part, and who did these things.

This wealth became so famous, that Indians came from all parts to extract silver from the hill. The president Gasca ordered Don Alonzo de Mendoza, an officer who had come over to him from the party of Gonzalo Pizarro, to found a new city south of lake Titicaca, which was to be called ” La Ciudad de Nuestra Senora de la Paz ;” to commemorate the peace which had been established, after the overthrow of the rebel Gonzalo Pizarro.

The whole of this, with the doorway and its jambs and lintel, was all one single stone. This lake is so large that it has a circumference of eighty leagues, and so deep that the captain Juan Ladrillero told me that in some parts, when he was sailing with his brigantines, he found the depth to be seventy or eighty brazas, in some places more, in others less.

It appears to me that in no part of the world have sheep like those of the Indies been found or heard of.

That they may not be easily tired, some forty or fifty unladen animals accompany the drove, xieza they may take their turn with the burdens. They are so fleet that no dog can overtake them, and frequent the loftiest fastnesses near the line of snow. Belisarios Digenis rated it liked it Oct 05, Many of these stones are carved in different ways, some of them having the shape of the human body, which must have 1.

They are near the df called by the Spaniards Chucuito, the ciezx name of which is Chuquivitu. Trivia About Cronica del Peru. The aged veteran Francisco de Carbajal, having run this fox to earth, then marched into Charcas, and captured Lope de Mendoza and Nicolas de Heredia, both of whom he hung.

The body is covered with an embroidered garment, and the short feet rest upon a pedestal, also ornamented with symbolical figures.