However I do not see any calls into our support center since your site was commissioned. So I am not sure what customer service agents you. Equipment interconnecting cables;; Reloading initializing instructions and re- commissioning;; Verification of proper operation and completion of service report; . visible only after the modem has been commissioned and is operational. Figure System Control Center button links. Click the button to go to.

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If you are starting with he feed arm out at one side then note commmissioned it is the amount of adjustment movement that matters. The polarisation has been adjusted to deg anticlockwise.

HughesNet HX VSAT terminal installation

The power distribution is a compromise, to achieve acceptable gain and sidelobe pattern simultaneously. Then apply the polarisation angle adjustment commissiondd. The final IP address Do the azimuth first. Determine the latitude and longitude of your location using http: Express Repair Terms and Conditions 1. In particular there are four key buttons to click on: Connect up the transmit cable also. Click on My Services 3. If required, Hughes may, at its option and discretion, replace your bughesnet components with new, remanufactured, or used equivalents.

Understanding HughesNet Billing

That you will keep your billing account with Hughes in good standing; d. In my case Download max k, typical k. This nominal receive polarisation will be called “horizontal” or “vertical”.

Think of it this way: Correction of faulty installation or repointing of the antenna, if the work was not originally performed by a Hughes-authorized technician; f. Calls shall be considered received the following business day if received by Hughes at any other time.

The front of the dish has been spray painted with a matt white paint which has a hydrophobic effect. It resets to back to zero traffic count and up to fast speed again every 8 hours. It is important to join the DC power supply module to the modem with its multi way DC power cable before switching on at the AC mains supply.


Your location must be a stationary location in the lower 48 states or Puerto Rico. Any work performed and materials needed will be billed to the customer. Any other electronic products, hardware or software including, without limitation, your computer or equipment related to your computer; p.

Fast up to 35 Mbytes, 35 – 40 Mbytes k, more than 40 Mbytes 64k Both back to Fast speed every 8 hours. If in doubt, think: If any pricing changes during the term of the Plan, you will be notified prior to any change in price.

To view Express Repair pricing and to purchase, click here.

This scale is really good, it is accurate and easy to use and you don’t need a magnifying glass to read it! At the time of entering the order, Customer may select Service coverage hours on a site-by-site basis from the coverage plans available for that site. To not falsify any related records; h. Express Repair — Premium. The rear of the plastic dome is angled so as to compensate for the offset angle of the dish and to provide a polarisation adjustment plane at right angles to the beam direction.

Under warranty, you have access to 24×7 technical phone support, as well as huhgesnet support as needed. If you want Vertical nominal receive polarisation then turn the whole dish by 90 deg either way, so that the feed arm is directly at one side or the other.

HughesNet HX VSAT terminal installation

If Customer has purchased one of the field maintenance services described above, Customer shall also have the following responsibilities:. Customer shall provide Hughes’ Service representatives with access to electrical power, water, and other utilities, as well as telephone access to the Customer help desk as required for efficient Service.


Customer personnel shall cooperate with and assist the Hughes Service representative in providing maintenance services. This is not your average TV Dish Installation.

What is Express Repair?

You must get the peaking perfect as the transmit beam is narrower then the receive beam. Both of the HughesNet Satellite Internet Systems work very well in Alaska and the Signal Strength for either System works in almost all weather conditions except for a very large Thunderstorm or Snowstorm directly between the Dish and Satellite.

Change of mounting hardware or type for antenna; d. Loss of service resulting from damaged or missing antenna or mount; b. Local oscillator switching is done using a 22 kHz tone from the modem, sent up the coax cable. Method of Service and Exchange Hughes will require troubleshooting of the system over the telephone or otherwise to verify any failure prior to scheduling an onsite service call.

Materials used for cosmetic purposes such as hiding exposed cabling or conduit; h. The plan covers the required steps necessary to restore the HughesNet service.

The charges associated with Time and Materials Services will be Hughes’ then-current charges. Now tighten down the large centre azimuth axis bolt. Where the fishing lines crossed in the middle, the lines just touched, with either one on top.

After heavy hugheshet the surface is covered in tiny droplets. Examples over 8 day period: