Collin Moshman’s SNG Strategy was set out in his acclaimed book ‘Sit ‘N Go Strategy – Expert Advice For Winning One Table Poker Tournaments’. Sit ‘N Go Strategy has ratings and 11 reviews. Michael said: Warning: This review is full of pokerspeak. I’m 3/4 of the way through, and I’m not goin. Noticed the Collin Moshman sit and go strategy book in the pokerstars VIP store. researched it to find it was published like 10 years ago so I.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Apparently David Sklansky dubbed this the gap concept. Nov 06, Frankx99 rated it really liked it.

Early Game SNG Strategy – Loosening Up Your Early Game By Collin Moshman

My opinion on this question: We recommend this book and suggest ordering a copy from Amazon or whichever bookstore you use today. The examples are very helpful though. Similarly, how to calculate cEV is explained: The information WILL help you beat the games which is the stratdgy point but don’t expect to be blown away by the language.


Bad username or password Sign in. I believe that the idea is doomed to success and I think you can do itgood luck! Havent ever read it. How well do they apply to 6-man SNGs? October 19th,7: With a brand that continues to attract recreational players, you will be surprised how consistently you can make money there.

Sit ’n Go Strategy

Online Casinos in Malaysia I had an idea whilst I was playing on PokerStars last night. User Account Sign in. Rebel Without a Hand: I prefer turbo and can usually get screens going on turbo, but not always.

The Best Of Kid Poker. The very broad strategy is presented; Play cautiously in the coplin stages, while adopting an aggressive approach later when blinds are large.

Idk if it’s because everyone has read this book, or because there’s to many gambly fish! In that sense it is fantastic.

Collin Moshman’s Sit N Go Strategy

Originally Posted by BearPlay That’s a great idea! October 17th,8: You hold Js 8s. Originally Posted by Fahrenheit I study Moshman book now, and I’m willing to discuss both points that I don’t understand well and those what I think I understand. Originally Posted by basse. Check it out below. I would like to join in here if the time and day is good for me and my work schedule.


You raise to 90 and only the small blind calls. A bunch of examples are given, for example, even with only 2 outs, getting 26 to 1 pot odds means that you should be calling against a single opponent.

It’d be good to run through a sng and have a live chat debate about it Based on how it is discussed in the book, it strateggy that one’s early goal until becoming a “solid professional” should be to adopt a tight-aggressive style? Submit a new text post. Use your social profile to sign in faster.