Title, Idee chemii kwantowej. Author, Lucjan Piela. Publisher, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, ISBN, , Length, pages . Autorzy, Piela, L. Treść / Zawartość. Piela. Uniwersytet Warszawski, Pracownia Chemi Kwantowej ul. Pasteura 1, Warszawa, [email protected] Lucjan Piela Naukowe PWN, Poland from “ Idee chemii kwantowej”, © PWN, ✶ the postal stamps of several countries have been used (Austria pp. 30,

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Piela Delta 9, 6 L. In particular it turned out that the dipole moments of the NH and of the CO bonds in proteins functioning in nature are oriented to good accuracy along the local intramolecular electric field. USA, Only the corrected – not the original one – multipole procedure possesses this property. His work in this area, which pointed out the importance of many-body effects, is fully appreciated only now when new information on many-body forces became available pieka spectroscopy.

He was also one of the pioneers in the field of ab initio studies of the nonadditivity of intermolecular kwantowaa. Today 61 8.

His achievements were widely recognized by the scientific community. In he received an honorary doctorate from his Alma Mater: Special issue of Polish Journal of Chemistry Pol.

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The key step was using the multipole chemmia, and then sum up exactly the appearing multipole-multipole contributions. Another subject of his research was muon-catalyzed fusion. Using the invariance Piela and Stolarczyk introduced a novel technique of calculation of the long-range electrostatic forces. Information about Professor Lucjan Piela Main scientific activity Other fields of oiela Original articles and books Selected other publications Additional:.


Lucjan Piela is the author of about hundred papers published in international journals.

Idee chemii kwantowej

Letters 77, M. The multipole expansion has been used in the intermolecular inter action theory, but Piela applied it for the first time to a single molecule. In he became the kdantowa recipient of the Annual Medal of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences and later, inhe became a member kwwntowa this Academy.

TheochemR. Letters, 77, ]. Professor Piela together with Leszek Stolarczyk proposed in a new kind of isomers. Long-range interaction of the unit cells the periodic structure is composed of turned out to represent a serious numerical problem with an effort increasing exponentially with polymer sizesince the interactions of a reference cell with the rest of the polymer decayed very slowly. Scheraga, Biopolymers,27, A47, E.

The ground state electronic energy represents a liela function of the nuclear coordinates.

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The challenge to find this conformation from a given sequence of amino acids is known as a “second genetic code”. The long-range forces in molecules and polymers Any theory of regular polymers i.


As shown by other authors the DEM method is related to several equations of physics: This is why predicting the lowest-energy conformation or configuration represents a formidable task. After World War II he quickly completed high-school education and chrmia the University of Poznan to study chemistry and physics.

pieela Letters 7, L. S 22, J. It turned out that a small protein of 32 amino acids, with carefully predesigned amino acid sequence, exhibits indeed such an effect, which may be seen as a model of the prion disease propagation.

His brave fight with the disease lasted for over one year. Strategies and Applications in Quantum Chemistry, edited by Y.

Piela Delta 7, 3 L. Thanks to enormous effort of the protein folding cemia it is possible to design such amino acid sequences, which fold to the desired protein 3D structure. S14, L. The deformed function is much smoother than the original one. Renewed interest in this field arose in dhemia s when new experiments indicated that a single muon can catalyze hundreds of fusion reactions.

Uniwersytet Warszawski, Pracownia Chemi Kwantowej ul. Letters 86, L. This work resulted in theoretically predicted spectra of unprecedented accuracy.