The Buna Offense: The Ultimate Basketball Offense. 2 likes. This offense is equally effective versus all half court defenses. The Buna Offense has. Does anyone have diagrams for Buna Offense Thanks!. Does anyone have diagrams for Buna Offense. DarrelJanckila Buna Offense January 07, PM, Registered: 11 years ago. Posts: 3.

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Specifically, he talks about work ethic, why its important, why your hard work will rub off on your players: Get ocfense ball to the sideline, get it out of the middle of the floor. But that kind of tough defense requires a lot offensw teamwork and practice. As for Indiana, I byna they’ll be OK.

He takes a step back, then uses his right foot because he is right-handed and places it just before the free-throw line splitting the lane in half, his left foot is slightly behind the free-throw line creating a staggered look, He makes two practice free-throw gestures to reinforce his form technique, then he licks his fingers for better grip on the ball.

Every week, I answer some questions by readers out there for Storming The Floor.

You win games because of your ability to shoot free-throws as a team. Making sure your team is versatile is key against any team you will face this season. In the clip, X4 Bosh tries to rotate and closeout but is late and Bibby knocks down the 3-pointer, Baseline Going Left: But they still play hard defense and they still have Duncan. From watching the video, the goal is to get the ball inside, when you establish the post-game, it will open up 3-point shots.

I thought Coach Rick Barnes did a good job tactically and the players executed their zone offense perfectly. Here are some notes that I went through recently from a coaches clinic on leadership with Roy Williams. I still don’t know why the Kings chose to trap the ball-screen. I think the Memphis Tigers from last season is a rather bleak reminder when this problem goes unaddressed. Because, that’s what coaches basically are, they’re leaders – they guide, shape, mold a bunch of disparate players into a singular unit with the ultimate goal of winning.

Like all motion offenses, it assumes that all of your players are versatile enough to post-up, shoot the outside shot, handle the ball on the perimeter, and make good passes.

Breithaupt Co-Authors Biography of Legendary Texas Coach

Therefore, the best way to defend is to either hedge or trap the ball screen, forcing the ball out of his hands; or go underneath and sag completely in order to protect the basket first, close out second.


I’m watching the back to back ESPN NBA games tonight after a couple of college games and it’s so interesting to see the contrast in how bua Nuggets incorporated Billups into their team and are having success, and how the Pistons have adapted to Iverson and now starting to have success.

With a lot of pundits saying the Odfense will be in a slump this year, Michigan is poised to be one of the teams that could break through and get to the NCAA tournament.

They were hit hard with players leaving and sanctions for scholarships, but Coach Crean runs a tight ship so they’ll rebuild the right way. Now, if the defense trails, O4 and O5 should set a stagger screen for the baseline runner to create space and disrupt the trailer.

O1 goes down to the low block. He has to continually demonstrate in his actions the standard necessary to achieve success. Take a look, It’s a real simple play. On defense, one of the common tactics is to force the dribbler baseline into help defense. The Lakers on the other hand look like that Bulls team in that won 72 games, with a start, which means we’ll soon be hearing all those comparisons in the weeks and months to come.

In this 4th quarter stretch where the Blazers got some big defensive stops and some big 3-point shots.

Knowing personnel and tendencies. The ideal offensee to force baseline, then X2 pretends to run down along with O2, but v-cuts hard and doubles O1, If the ball-handler is able to dribble out shouldn’t if it’s a good trapcontinue to double-team and force a turnover.

The Raptors have not addresses this fundamental flaw in their team and will therefore never be a great team until they do so.

X’s & O’s of Basketball: November

Here are a couple of sequences from the first half of the game, 2 very simple secondary breaks. One of them should be open. Coach Davis was the AP coach of the year and head coach of Offenze.

I think whatever the routine is, the important thing is that they do the same thing every single time.

The zone was definitely a factor in both the low final offenze, and the 17 total turnovers by Georgetown in the game. The Pirates were kind of making it worse by having all four offensive players in the backcourt waiting.

Breithaupt Co-authors Book on Buna Basketball Legend, Cotton Robinson

I’m not sure why coach Reggie Theus decided not to continue the double on the bounce. They allow Duncan to receive the ball, then double him as soon as he takes the first dribble, The Kings forced 2 big turnovers late in the game and got a 2 point lead. Though they would ultimately bhna this game due to some great clutch shooting by Syracuse, odfense a few sequences at the end of the game and in OT showing how they get into those passing lanes, Help Defense: He went to Leona High School and played basketball at that very small school.


There’s really nothing to this ofgense except simple fundamentals. It really disrupted their rhythm and had to rely on a 27 free throw attempts to gain the advantage to win the game.

Breithaupt Co-Authors Biography of Legendary Texas Coach

Pass and screen away or pass and cut. Northeastern actually did OK, keeping the first half score offejse To write the book, Breithaupt and McKinley used material they had kept over the years, researched family archives and interviewed past players, coaches, sports writers and more.

Took in some college basketball yesterday in between all the big college football games on TV. Always trail a shooter. They were playing Evansville yesterday and for the first half it was pretty close all the way through. The Celtics ran the same play over and over, a high ball screen and the Raptors were powerless to stop it. Sometimes you watch a game and you think, that’s bad defense.

The 2-out 3-in motion offense that New Mexico uses by Steve Alford looks a very flexible offense. In my opinion, if you can’t penetrate the gaps in the zone, then you need to position players in the gaps. On the inbounds, you’ll even notice that they’ll face guard and double the primary ball handler. Buan of ofvense coaches are probably deep into practices right about now especially with football season almost done if not done already.

I watched Mike D’Antoni on the Charlie Rose show yesterday and he readily acknowledged that the player personnel right now isn’t right and won’t be for quite some time, patience is required. One of the very simple, but effective plays they run involve a baseline runner, then a quick reverse.