In the final chapter of this series, Bruce Wayne completes his improbable recovery from his broken back and is ready to resume his role as Gotham’s protector. : Batman: Knightsend (): Chuck Dixon: Books. Knightsend [BATMAN KNIGHTSEND] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After rehabilitation from a severe back injury Bruce Wayne returns.

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Each story arc of the “Knightfall” saga ran across a number of Gotham City-related comics. Part of the storyline has been collected into a few trade paperbacks. This crossover fell off a cliff in the end. Asp demonstrates this new form of mass murder on a small English village. For knibhtsend, the writers could have done better.

Along with Robin and Nightwing, he tracks Valley down to Selkirk’s penthouse. There are too many bright colours for my taste and they overshadow everything else. Lists with This Book. The fixer tells him that the gunrunner who killed the dealer hangs out at the Gotham Navy Yard.

Batman: Knightfall Vol. 3: Knightsend

This created a fairly complex reading order, which is summarized below. Bruce returns to reclaim the knjghtsend of the Bat. This final installment was a nice finish to the trilogy. Soon after, Kinsolving and Tim’s father Jack Drake are kidnapped and Bruce and Alfred leave the country to find them – their story is continued in “Knightquest: Shadow of the Bat story is correctly placed after Batman part In this, Bruce Wayne – mentally bstman physically scarred by his encounter with and defeat by Bane – finally gets back to full capacity and returns to Gotham to reclaim the mantle of the Bat from Jean-Paul Valley aka Azrael: See knivhtsend reviews.

If one is tempted to consider this corny and lacking in enjoyable violence, one should be tempted to step back and reflect about life, morality, and what is important.

This surge of violence from Gotham’s defender puts pressure on Batman’s relationship with Police Commissioner Gordon, who begins to distrust and even fear the new Batman and eventually comes to realize he is not the same man he has known.


I don’t know what happened to Knightssnd team but I believe they could have come up with a far worthy end to the story that broke the Batman batamn retirement. The serial stories of the monthly Batman comics titles began slowly building toward the “Knightfall” arc several months prior, in conjunction with the publication of knightsned four-issue Sword of Azrael miniseries and the Vengeance of Bane one-shot, which also laid foundation for the larger story. It’s the quick fall into despair that proves most shocking.

Bane’s part in the story wraps up really quickly as he is defeated and horribly beaten by Azrael.

A very long series, but pretty cool seeing the different variations of Batman. Bruce’s training in the beginning was interesting to say the least, not sure why he would train under the guidance of someone who is a known assassin and murderer but in the end, he d I was really letdown by how this series finished up.

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Vol 1 62

Great read great art knihtsend hard to put down!! Nothing was truncated, as the Batman editorial line made use of all knjghtsend the Batman-related titles at their disposal, such as CatwomanRobin and Batman: I don’t know what happened to Moench’s team but I believe they could have My.

Gradually, Jean-Paul alienates Robin with his paranoia and arrogance. Driven to the brink of madness by inner demons, the new Batman seeks to destroy Bruce as they meet in mortal combat.

Batman: Knightfall Vol. 3: Knightsend – Comics by comiXology

Catwoman is once again a damp squib. No trivia or quizzes yet. I know the trades don’t include every single tie-in, and perhaps some day I’ll try to track those down, but I am quite kngihtsend for the most part with the way this story concludes. That’s for goddamn sure. Battle for the Cowl Batman: In it, he is found on the street by Bruce Wayne and given money to leave Gotham to travel the world and find his purpose, as had Bruce.

KnightsEndrecent editions retitled it as Knightfall Volume 3. It was all quite sudden though—when Jean Paul took off the mask; it unhinged him, which I thought was quite a poignant moment. At the conclusion of this story, Bane and his henchman are shown monitoring Batman’s performance.


I mean, in a choice between Nightwing and Jean Paul, I’d hardly call it a toss up. I know that writers like Dennis O’Niell and Chuck Dixon were quite influential and important in the 90’s but Onightsend fail to be impressed.

View all 3 comments. Sep 11, Kevin rated it it was amazing. The bulk of the events in the Knightfall saga are estimated to take place in the 10th or 11th year of Batman’s career btaman most reckonings, including official DC timelines. At pages, this edition contains the entire contents of the edition of Batman: Legends of the Dark KnightRobinand Catwoman Among the freed inmates, there are numerous high-profile villains, such as the Batamn who trapped Arkham’s administrator Jeremiah Arkhamthe Scarecrowthe Riddlerand Poison Ivyas well knkghtsend many lesser-known villains, such as the Mad Hatterthe Ventriloquistthe Fireflythe Cavalierthe Film FreakMr.

It was interesting to see how in spite of having a semi-estranged relationship with Bruce, he still has immense respect for and understanding of him.

Batman: Knightsend – Comics by comiXology

Master of Kung Fu, which they worked on together from — Like I said, for Batman comic-book fans only. So I can’t say I hated it. It’s pulpy, action packed and filled with a great ending that leaves many interesting questions open as Batman moves forward. It’s all a huge buildup for the main event, with Bruce and Valley fighting in the Batcave.

That they are both youngish and enjoy to an extent going on and fighting crime brings for a few brief issues a vitality that the usually-dark Batman-as-man-on-a-mission feel doesn’t give.

He contributed to the entire runs of Planet of the Apes, Rampaging Hulk continuing on the title when knightsned changed its name to The Hulk! Grayson is a different Batman, less severe than Bruce and also less obsessively dedicated to it. Imagine that I sit you down to knightseend the Original Trilogy for the first time, the thing is, I cut off the last 45 minutes of Empire Strikes Back.

It did have some good aspects though.