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Therefore you must be careful at every step. To look at what is waste, to listen to it or talk about it, should all be finished. The faith to transform is also defined as the faith to benefit another.

You cause yourself to get shaken at the foundation of your faith and at the foundation of your many forms of attainments. Just as you feel it when you speak a wrong word, you should also feel it when you think a wrong thought. If they do appear in your thoughts, then after arising as thought, they take the form of actions.

Then your old body will never disturb you; rather it will cooperate well with you. That means yours is the stage of being master creators. At all times keep your mind busy with appointments. This blog contains my classes and “churnings” of the knowledge, spiritual practice and meditation taught at the BKWSU.

Waste thoughts should not be running in your mind even beforehand.

Waste thoughts, waste words, waste karma, agyakt which the soul becomes heavy. Hats off to you as Nimith to Baba. Sometimes waste thoughts will flow; and at other times ordinary thoughts will be flowing. As a creator, the vibration of each of your thoughts, as well as your attitude immediately impacts the creation.


This is not Brahmin life. Through the power to cogitate, the soul becomes powerful. According to Drama you may well be free from concern, yet on what basis is the drama created.

The Details of the Power of Thought – Selected from Avyakt Bapdada | bkdclasses

The thoughts of all of you are flowing on the basis of srimat. Because of its power it can transform anything. This is because, as you move along, if you consider the specialities that were given you by the Father, to be your own, you will come into arrogance. You have insufficient power avyyakt transform. Or does the bird of waste thoughts, through the variety avya,t difficulties of Maya, the atmosphere, bad company, parmat or manmatdestroy the fruit. You must learn to cogitate.

The most elevated treasure is the treasure of thought, and your elevated thoughts are the foundation of your Brahman purified life.


Together with words, the subtle power of elevated thought can give greater accomplishments. This is totally the game of thoughts. First you must experiment with this for your own self. You will be able to establish yourself in the form of a point when you are regular in the practice of creating pure thoughts.

You also waste your energy in this. Either you would stop, or you would hang baodada suspension or you would avyaktt down below. Mahavirs and maharathis are those who utter great words through their mouths, and through their intellects they produce thoughts that are siddhi swaroopthe bpadada of success. This is because, when you allow waste thoughts to arise you must realise that thought itself is a treasure.

BapDada Avyakt Murli 21-10-2018- Murli

Self-control means that you apply your intellect only to whatever you want, whenever you wish, then you will develop a refined and subtle intellect. Through the power of thought, you will convey the essence of a lecture of three minutes within a second. Another thing, when you encounter any small obstacles, by raising the question: You hear the murli every day; you read it. So what is this?


But the foundation of waste and weak thoughts does take you there. As is the thought, so is the world. The language of thought is also a very elevated language. Then what thoughts can arise? Maintain steady faith in the intellect. Just as the sinful action of a previous birth is burdensome and therefore prevents the soul from flying. That means that you also should not be loose, then you will be able to transform the waste into powerful.

You already make a timetable for your activity, but you need to create a timetable for your mind. Subtle ropes of bondage are formed by waste thought. This is why those created though these powerful thoughts are also powerful themselves.

Therefore when you think: Now you may be producing ten thoughts in one second, then this will increase to double or triple the speed. Even in thought you need to be free from bondage. To pass with honour means you do not experience any suffering even within your mind.

Outwardly just essence, silence, essence, silence… can produce more space internally to love and to dissolve waste. The thought of a Poonya Atma a soul who has acquired special power because of performing a lot of charity acts like a spiritual magnet. Now all of you need to develop a special type of nyarapan being unique and different from the rest, a form of detachment.