Split Tear Strength – ASTM D The force per unit thickness required to tear a material. Test specimens are placed in a tensile test machine. The jaws are set. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number 1 These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D-9 on. Electrical. ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Crosslinked Insulations and Jackets for Wire and Cable.

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Calculate the surface resistivity, P, as follows: Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. A chamber 18 to 20 in. Omit this test for non-shielded conductors rated up to V if the ac voltage test described in The conductor shield shall be removed.

Discharge from the test chamber is accomplished by a double cock arrangement, one acting as a direct discharge into the outside atmosphere and the other, when normally closed, acting as a bypass test-cock.

For multiple-conductor cables with nonshielded individual conductors having a metallic sheath, shield, or armor over the cable assembly, apply the speci? Calibrate this instrument by comparison with results obtained with the chemical method Sections 94 to Add iodine directly to the solution in the weighing tube on the balance pan until the total iodine in solution is about 0.

The set is the difference between this length and the original 2-in.

Physical Test Procedures The insulation is then at the temperature of the bath as read on the bath thermometer. Water absorption tests can also give an indication of the surface condition of the r470.

  ASTM D4253 PDF

ASTM D470 – 13

Perform physical tests on both aged and unaged specimens at the same time. Regulate the voltage of the d740 generator or the rate of? Electrical Tests of Insulation. The sequence of other testing is not speci? While these cables are applicable to the great majority of cable installations which are on grounded systems, they may be used also on other systems for which the application of cables is acceptable provided the above clearing requirements are met in completely de-energizing the faulted section.

Cool the specimen to room temperature. The current generated in the photoelectric cell is ampli? For specific hazards see Ast, 4.

Physical tests provide useful data for research and development, engineering design, quality control, and acceptance or rejection under speci? Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Tests. Close the stopcock to the air, open it to the sampling bottle, and then open the sampling cock on the test chamber.

The partial discharge extinction level is useful for quality control purposes, and this test is atsm used for product acceptance to speci? Calculate the percentage of absorption to 0. During and after the application of the? Direct Measurement with an Ozonometer Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Because of this it is important to measure the concentration of axtm in the atmosphere, qstm commercially available monitoring devices, whenever the odor of ozone is persistently present or when ozone generating conditions continue.


Cool in a dessicator to room temperature.

Do not use it to describe or appraise the? Thoroughly instruct all operators in the proper way to conduct tests safely. Without immersing the cable in water dry testapply d4770 speci? At the end of 1 h period, place the specimen in the oven, allowing both the micrometer and test specimen to remain in the oven for 1 h.

Determine the amount of iodine added to the asrm. Complete the bends within 1 min. Water absorption tests provide useful data for research and development, engineering design, quality control, and acceptance or rejection under wstm Determine the tear resistance by dividing the load in pounds or kilograms required to tear the section by the thickness of the test specimen in inches or millimeters.

To determine the test to be made on the particular insulation or jacket, refer to the product specification for that type. Introduce the ozonized air from the generator to the space below this?

ASTM D – 13 Standard Test Methods for Crosslinked Insulations and Jackets for Wire and Cable

Then remove the specimen and shake off the adhering water. The height of the segment is the thickness of insulation on the side from which the slice is taken.

After submersion for h, cool the water to room temperature. No sample shall be selected from lots of less than ft.