Hi, Any one have tutorial files in PDF format for JewelSmith? kindly let me know.. Tusif Ahmad. Design Tutorials for Delcam’s Artcam software. capabilities within the advanced products in the range, ArtCAM Pro and ArtCAM JewelSmith. Tutorial – How to Hollow a relief using ArtCAM Jewelsmith. Watch our brief tutorial to see how easy it is to make a hollow relief from one of our models to a.

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It took me a while to realize that this is just another tool. This video demonstrates Artcam Express’ ability to load in pre-created 3D files in order to be pasted in and then in turn toolpathed.

I really love it, but am working on learning rhino. Demo 2 Creating a 3D Texture from an Image. I’m excited for you.

Btw the toolpath for this part is very easy and to mill this would be very fast but then again I dont know how big it is.

Feature Machining 1 This tutorial shows how to leave “features” on 3D reliefs using the module “Feature Machining” and how to machine the whole part to send to a CNC”.

Creating An Engraved Sign In ArtCAM Insignia

But thanks for your reply I will try your advice I downloaded nettfab and it looks fine too but if you say 3d coat works good on artcam I wil give it a try.


I’ve gotten tutofial best results by exporting out of artcam as a. Feature Machining 2 This tutorial shows how to jewelsmitb “features” on 3D reliefs using the module “Feature Machining” and how to machine the whole part to send to a CNC. After 2 months of owning a solus, I have started to use my mill again, mostly for rotary rings that I cut from tube.

Delcam Artcam Tutorials

Gotta think jewe,smith the long game. Creating a light box This tutorial will show how to create a die bond light box using ArtCAM Express and maching it by selecting layers using the “Vector Tools” module.

I’m sure there should be a setting for making nice meshes on export. Creating a logo using multiple images This demonstration shows how to create a logo using multiple images with the help of the module “Bitmap Layers” and creating vector artwork from the images. No registered users and 2 guests.

Still love the ac software no matter what. Nesting multiple parts This demonstration will show how to nest multiple parts to minimise wastage of material using the ArtCAM Express module, “Nesting”. You are gonna love your solus!

ArtCam Pro > How to export vector as 3d Model

Who is online Users browsing this forum: This works quite well. Doesn’t look too good. I’ve never used netfab but I jewelsmitb told that 3D coat is the best program to clean up artcam stl’s and repair. Demo 1 Loading in and working with 3D File. I agree when they send you a file where the model looks like its made with a hacksaw and you have to grow it well what you see is what you get ,right?


Yeah, I could not be more disappointed with the transition to autodesk. The forum sucks, the cost is ridiculous, they dropped keyshot I like the textures in Artcam. I do my stl repairs in magics from envisiontec and I know it needs a lot of repairing few minutes ,I don’t have received the Solus jewelsmih and never tried nettfab but does somebody have experience with this?

It’s great for most things but not everything.

I’m on r2there is nothing that I can’t do with it especially when coupled with 3D coat. So you are happy with the Solus thats good to hear do you use your cnc machine still,I am just curious, Berc.