2, Meters ( kHz). kHz. kHz. 1 W EIRP maximum. See ARRLWeb at for detailed band plans. E = Amateur Extra. ARRL has revised and updated its “US Amateur Radio Bands” charts, and The revised ARRL Amateur Radio Allocations reference chart. A band plan refers to a voluntary division of a band to avoid interference . This band plan has been proposed by the ARRL VHF-UHF Advisory Committee.

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Functi o nal Use.

Repeater outputs except as noted; 19 channels. Crossband linear translator input or output. Download the grid square map and mark up your QSO’s! Secure Site Login Forgot Password? Broadband Modes Notes 3, 4 Notes: Broadband segment may be used for any combination of high-speed data eg: Amateur Tool Kit U. Ads are what helps us bring you premium SWLing content! I remember reading about it in the seventies, memory says it was more agrl for showing off radio principles, but nothing prevented it from being used for communication, other than power and antenna limits.

Amateur Satellite; Up-Link Only. Repeater inputs except as noted; 19 channels. Note 2 — Weak Signal Terrestrial legacy users are encouraged to move to Weak signal and FM simplex You need only register once for each band.


Repeater output except as noted; 23 channels. Information current as of February Local coordinator’s option; weak signal, ACSB, repeater inputs, control.

Updated ARRL “US Amateur Radio Bands” Charts Now Available

No part of these documents may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, or translated into any language, bnadplan any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, optical, manual or otherwise bansplan other than personal use, without the prior written consent of Icom America Inc. SSB, CW, digital weak-signal. Level I – Major Band Divisions. Then there is the KHz slice of spectrum, allocated in the US and maybe elsewhere as a license free experimental band.

I find it interesting that the ARRL also noted the following on their download page:. National FM simplex calling frequency Broadband segment may be used for any combination of high-speed data eg: Information current as of With your license comes operational privileges!

Graphical Frequency Allocations

Information current as of November N ote 3 bandplqn Broadband segments may be used for any combination of high-speed data e. Shared by auxiliary and control links, repeaters and simplex local option.

There was a proposal at one point, maybe as far back as WARC 79, to make KHz an international ham band, but that never actually happened. Note 1 — Includes all other emission modes authorized in the 9 cm amateur band whose necessary bandwidth does not exceed the suggested bandwidths listed.

  ISO 10993-2 PDF

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thank you so much! Columbia Pacific Repeater System. The amateur radio hobby has a language of its own and is not always easy to understand.

But at some point in in the seventies people, mostly hams, got serious, not just better antennas and receivers, but slowly methods for weak signal reception.

Amateur use of these frequencies should be first coordinated with the National Science Foundation esm nsf. Our advertisers are by invite only and are only radio related–no junk ads here! The need to avoid harmful interference to FAA radars may limit amateur use of certain frequencies in badplan vicinity of the radars.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Emission Types Emission B.

Updated ARRL Amateur Radio Frequency Charts Now Available

USB is limited to 2. S uggested E mission Types. Mixed operations including control links.