ALEXA SUP – User Manual Download (pdf, 11 Aug , Usage of CDM Test Charts with the ALEXA Camera Download (pdf, KB). The ALEXA Camera Simulator is an interactive training tool to familiarize yourself with the menu navigation of the ALEXA camera family: ALEXA LF, ALEXA SXT. the ALEXA manual at or the interactive ALEXA/ ALEXA XT Camera. Simulator at will ensure.

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As the ALEXA camera system will consist of several cameras in the future, this is necessary aleda differentiate between the camera types. Licensed features RCU-4 Figure Connectors Connectors Connectors Camera back Figure Page 44 Card is unreadable e.

These cards have an ExpressCard34 form factor and are currently available with 8, 16 or 32 GB storage space. Aleza is located on the camera right lower front. The viewfinder image stays upright and correct left-to-right when the viewfinder is swivelled within the main axis.


Page 89 Main Controls Note: This saves valuable storage space and worktime. A detailed instruction on how to purchase a license key can be found caemra the website. Page 56 Camera Controls To prevent this, the camera can mark the duplicate frames with arfi Variflag. Contact an ARRI service center near camdra. Connectors at back From top to bottom: The file will be saved to the SD card root directory, named sn – AlexaHardware. This guarantees that the flange focal depth is not influenced by the lens weight and reduces stress on the lens mount.

Once this is done, settings can also be changed on the slave camera, and the change will take effect on both cameras. This screen shows the type of motor connected to the IRIS socket, its direction and torque.


With the 14 different recording formats we have in the ALEXA SXT we are offering the best image quality and most aeri workflow for the most common production, post and distribution requirements. Camera setup and power-up are quicker, and productions are able to move faster.

This opens a screen where the desired value can be set.

As ALEXA has a single sensor with a Bayer pattern color filter array, this means that every pixel only has information of one color channel. SxS Slots On the SD card, the folder structure presented in the following example should be created by the user prior to first use of the card. The recording formats are optimized for different budget situations, market segments, distribution resolutions and aspect ratios, lens choices and necessary post steps including the amount of VFX work.

This reduces downtime during production arrk by the aleax to format. Function Buttons SD card. Default frame lines have “User” specified as color for all content. The table to the right shows the camera weight for different components.

It combines leading edge digital technology with film camera features that have been refined over more than 90 years of ARRIs history. The viewfinder is attached to the mabual bracket by sliding the dove tail into the receptacle of the mounting bracket and then closing the lever on the viewfinder.

The ALEXA camera system manuzl us to shoot with very low light levels and make the movie even more immersive.

It is czmera on the camera back lower right. Additional recommendations To ensure correct card handling and reduce the risk of data loss, ARRI recommends the following procedure for card and data handling: Enters the screen for configuring Time code. It alesa connected to the camera’s Ethernet port. Chapters Table Of Contents Sensor Current temperature of image sensor.


Ground glasses contain frame and format markings to show the recorded image area and the area of interest. Onboard Batteries V-Lock batteries are available from a number of manufacturers.

ALEXA manula an input voltage range from Page Alternatively, reel name is used sometimes. ARRI does not warrant that this document is error-free. Color Camera Controls ALEXA automatically determines the internal signal run time and matches audio and images so they are always in sync.

To power the RCU-4, press the power button after connecting the device to a camera.

Camera Simulators

Camera Controls To prevent this, the camera can mark the duplicate frames with a Variflag. It has 8 available channels. Page Ground glasses contain frame and format markings to show the recorded image area and the area of interest.

The card slots are located on the camera’s left side. A sensor mode defines an aspect ratio, which defines the area on the sensor that is adri captured.

Switch on When SxS recording is off and sensor fps does Play Main Controls It can be used to attach any modern PL-mount lens to the camera. Evf Controls Camera Controls Go to the main archive manuxl and press ADD.