Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart 2™ clothes washer. The revolutionary, super water efficient wash action of your AquaSmart 2™ washer. Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart™ clothes washer. We are For your safety the information in this manual must be followed to minimize. Installation instructions and user guide AquaSmart™ clothes washer WL80T65D & WL70T60D NZ AU Contents Installation instructions Before you do your first.

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Try these handy tips To replace the lid, hold the lid vertically and align both hinges before pushing downwards and slotting back into place.

Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart WL80T65D Manuals

Refer to your User Guide and check Correct damage caused by pests, eg. Unplug the machine from the wall socket.

Normal Spin Do not bleach Soil Sort clothes according to the type aqausmart amount of soil. Try not to leave wet clothes sitting in the washer or laundry basket. Have you separated out larger items from smaller items? Reducing the spin speed of the wash may also help refer to page Try using liquid detergent.

fisher–paykel aquasmart wl80t65d User Manual – Page 1 of 40 |

In multi-storey apartments or any upper floor, the machine should be installed on a drained floor. We recommend a warm or hot wash at regular intervals, eg. BoxGreenmount, Auckland If you need service Choose between no beeps, five or fifteen beeps. Before you start, it is a good idea to go through the following checklist: There are a number of preset options, which can be altered. The detergent is then mixed with water, and amnual designed ribs at the bottom of the bowl help to rapidly dissolve the detergent to ensure optimum wash performance.


Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart WL70T60D User’s Manual |

Like all High Efficiency washers, a little extra care in how you sort your clothes and choose your cycle and detergent will ensure that you get the best possible wash result. End of Cycle Beeps 1hr light No beeps 3hr light 5 beeps 9hr light 15 beeps 1 Enter the Option Adjustment mode refer to page This thoroughly dissolves and activates the detergent. Ensure the machine is stationary and manually redistribute the load. ABC washing guide 27 Unsure about what the best way is to wash your garment?

Some soils suit warmer washes, eg.

Conventional mode The Conventional mode is the immersion wash all Top Loader users are familiar with. The HOT water temperature light is mankal. Is the power switched on at the wall? Check that the inlet hose filter is not blocked. Open the lid fully, grasp the lid on both sides.

If the siphon tube looks partially blocked use a cotton bud to clean. As a starting point: Your hot water supply may not be hot enough to maintain the selected water temperature.


For best fabric and colour care remove your clothes as soon as the cycle aquaxmart finished. Single beep every second and … The service light spanner icon is flashing.

For example the Regular cycle button will be the coldest available setting for that temperature and the Easy Iron button will be the warmest. Remove load and retry. Ensure that the bottom packer has been removed before operating your machine. Aquasmaet wash uses similar quantities of water to most Front Loaders. If you wish to soak clothing items during the wash process please select the SOAK option.

The product specifications in this booklet apply to the specific products and models described at the date of issue.