Procedure: The participants were given one schema at the encoding stage and one schema at the retrieval stage, to see if they were influenced. In a later study, Anderson and Pichert () presented evidence for the effect of reader perspective on retrieval processes. Subjects who shifted to the alternate. Key Study: Anderson and Pichert () Aim: To investigate if schema processing influences both encoding and retrievalMethod: Highly controlled l.

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The first hypothesis states that experts edit more than novices. It has contributed largely to our understanding of mental processes. The encoding hypothesis posits that processes operative during the encoding of the information ultimately affect what information is learned and remembered.

Anderson and Pichert () by Matty Hickman on Prezi

After a break, half of the participants were given a different schema, so the burglars switched to the buyers and vice versa. Encoding, retrieval and their interaction must be considered when studying recall. The sociocultural level of analysis General learning outcomes GLO1: Chiesi and James F.

Consequently, the expert will have a more comprehensive schema for the domain when compared to the novice. Evaluate schema theory with re Anderson and Pichert There are also three ways that schemas affect retrieval; by supporting an orderly search, by aiding in the reconstruction of missing information and by providing rules for editing.

Earn while you study. The assignment of importance or relevance may be made at encoding or at retrieval. If the information is then retrieved with a specific schema shopping for a trendy bike or shopping for a durable bikethe retrieved information will differ depending on what is important for a trendy bike in one instance, and what is important for a durable bike in the other.


The experience measure was a self report measure of how often the subject rides a bicycle andersson indicated on a ten point scale anchored with never and very often. There will be less difference in editing performance for novices. Anderson, Pivhert and Shirey offer three mechanisms responsible for this effect. The expert will better be able to provide information important to the situation if allowed to encode with a general schema, than if asked to use different specific schema.

Second, the schema provides a framework or a scaffolding which facilitates the collection of information significant to the schema Ausubel ; Chiesi, Spilich and Voss ; Spilich, Voss, Chiesi and Amd Those assigned to the no context condition were not given a usage context, they were just asked to read the story slowly and carefully. Evaluate schema theory with reference to research studies.

Anderson and Pichert – Unit 2 – Cognitive psychology – Stuvia

Subjects with more elaborate knowledge structures perform better on aand of recall. There were 9 ideas rated as uniquely important to each perspective, but not as highly. Participants then heard a story which was based on 72 points, previously rated by a group of people based on their importance to a potential house-buyer leaky roof, damp basement or a burglar 10speed bike, colour TV.

To investigate the schemata influence on memory retrieval. Subjects given a perspective either a burglar or a homebuyer prior to reading a story which describes a home and its contents, were required to recall information from the original perspective and later from the other perspective.

Anderson and Pichert 1978

Anderson and Pichert Anderson and Pichert This ability to discriminate facilitates the editing demonstrated by Anderson and Pichert Participants were shown a clock with roman numerals and asked to draw from memory. The subjective measure of expertise was taken as an indication of picyert amount of information the subject held with respect to bicycles on a ten point scale anchored with novice and expert.

However, when editing is considered, it appears that a general context at encoding is more facilitating for the expert. He found that recalled stories were distorted and altered in various ways making it more conventional and acceptable to their own cultural perspective rationalization.


Participants read a story from the perspective of either a burglar or potential home buyer. Anderson and Pichert demonstrate support of the retrieval hypothesis.

Recall of points that were directly linked to the new schema increased by 10 per cent, whereas recall of points that were important to the previous schema declined. The more complex the schema directing the search, reconstruction or editing, the more pronounced the effect.

Using one or more examples, ex As the number of reproductions increased, the story became shorter and there were more changes to the story.

They were asked to recall all of the information again.

In the study there were three conditions: Advances in Research Theory, Vol. The edited idea units are either very important or related to the second retrieval cue, while the novice provides. The finding that both novices and experts edit important information demonstrates that the processes active at retrieval influence what is recalled. Johnson”Remembrance of Things Parsed: Following the first recall task subjects spent five minutes working at the Surface Development Test French, Ekstrom and Price which requires that subjects mentally “fold” a two-dimensional figure to match a three-dimensional representation.

Only experts and novices are used in this analysis, this is discussed in the Measure of Expertise section. Explain how biological factors Knowledge can be represented as hierarchical, with highly inclusive concepts subsuming more specific information.