Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing, ✅ FREE Shipping, and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Alesis HD24!. Find great deals on eBay for Alesis HD24 in Multitrack Recorders. Shop with confidence. The Alesis ADAT HD24 is a track hard disk recorder that operates almost exactly like a tape-based analog recorder. Media for this recorder (IDE hard drives).

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Alesis HD Recorders | eBay

This is the trade-off for the inexpensive media. Alesus HD24 40GB hard drive and caddy in excellent condition. I doubt you will be able to edit on your computer directly from this dock, but copying files will be even faster. Drive is a Seagate Barracuda, and has been mounted, tested with song playback, drive to drive copy, and formatted.

With limitations, the HD24 allows you to route hardware alessis to different tracks “input normaling”. The FireWire dock is still not available as of this writing however. Jim Williams has spent much of his 56 years working with some of the biggest names in the music business, including Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin and Stevie Wonder.

Media for this recorder IDE hard drives is the least expensive per track minute of any recorder that I know of. Perfect companion for Yamaha PM5Dor any console with optical or analog output The transfer accessories Fireport is included as the optical cables for 48 tracks digital inputs Perfect working c The media for the HD24 is so cheap and so available that I think it is the best way to archive multitrack audio.

In other words, I don’t think anybody will be winding tape heads after the world blows up to remix the multitrack masters of the generation that did this to us, even if they knew how. I alseis to delete my slesis drive, and then “copy all songs” to avoid having to sit there and wait for each song to finish. I was a little nervous about the “almost” part, but I think they were just covering themselves, as the drives I got worked.


The tracks are linear, just like tape – no virtual tracks or undo functionality. The first thing I did was update the operating system software through the Ethernet connection, though I couldn’t find any documentation on how to do it that way, in the manual or on the net. The FAQ document has all the nitty details you can think of, except for “Can you link two or more HD24s with a BRC so that when one is out of space the recording continues on into the next recorder for virtually endless recording, like the tape based ADATs?

Red is really digital clipping, unlike the original ADATs. This was disconcerting at first, but then I tried the obvious: The HD24 knows what to do from there.

Alesis HD24 Recorder

We at Nashville Gear Factory believe that the g Just the drive and caddy. Digital Audio Alesiss Disk Recorder. The caddy lid slides off – you screw in six screws – attach the power cable and the data ribbon and it’s ready.

Available only at Nashville Gear Factory. To really be safe, I should have a third drive of the same size.

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Bill Cheney and Jim Romney are the men responsible for keeping the amazing legacy of Spectra Sonics, a legendary, if criminally unheralded, pro-audio company alive. If the noise floor of your room is an issue, the fan will not help. Alsis was the first time we had made that level of investment, and back then, Strongroom Insert the new caddy in either HD24 bay and the HD24 will ask you if you want to format it.


Play Gear that inspires.

The HD24 becomes a track at 96k. The fluorescent panel always displays everything you need to know, most notably hours or minutes left based on the number of tracks you have in the selected song. HD24 is alesi exclusively for the purpose of recording music instead of data, resulting in remarkable stability and performance.

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I first became acquainted with the Lexicon X digital reverb in Studio One at the Strongroom around about You can punch in with a remote or a foot switch.

A button selects peak hold for a few seconds, or forever, or not at all. In an era when excessive digital peak-limiting has become a standard, it’s a surprise that the Pendulum Audio PL-2 peak limiter is the only standalone, brickwall analog peak limiter in existence I’ve put about 30 hours into it, filling the drive with songs, deleting songs to make room, and filling up the drives again without a single glitch.

If you do use the Ethernet port, transferring a track, 4-minute song about MB takes about 18 minutes. The longevity of Alesis’s ADAT technology as compared to other companies is a positive testament to the people who designed it.

It took about 10 seconds. I used to track with Pro Tools – I will not do that again. The front panel is easy to read alsis the light – but if you are in a low-light situation, you’ll need a lamp. For example, if you have an 8-bus console, you can assign the eight busses to tracks, andrespectively, without repatching.