i dont understand the reason for higher scores in non-invigilated aimcats AIMCAT Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet) After 2 BAD AimCAT’s, a decent one this a long way to go though. Hi happens with TIME when i checkig my result its showing Sorry! no info is avaible against this aimcat for this id no. but i have taken my mock on. Do post your scores of AIMCAT ATB:cheerio: This being the last AIMAT, I wish Good Luck to all the aspirants, including me The CAT is out there almost.

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Not scoring well in mock tests? Also don’t get over confidentbe calm and focussed until you reach your destination because you never know when you will be tested! I simply don’t know how to tackle this?

Chat Transcript

What is your reservation status? What should i do now??

As im working i find less time to prepare. This despite doing the exercices from SM Go with a positive frame of mind and you should improve aimczt test performance. I would highly appreciate if i can see my query answered in the chat transcript deepak: Is this the normal difficulty level or they were really tough?

  BWV 1065 PDF

Aimcat 1217

There were unconfirmed reports that it can be in Sep. Preparation-tips for CAT Verbal.

DEcent; clear the cut-offs with a margin. This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. In CAT, for questions involving large numbers, can they be always solved through other easier methods or sometimes, will there be tough calculations.

Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. I forgot my PG passwd so could not login earlier and post score. In addition to this,one more good source of articles is a website,url is www.

AIMCAT 1201 (please do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

Continue practising and you will improve. Test taking strategies for CAT ! Do you suggest attempting DI first before quant. From this stage how should I improve this score? CAT Notification related Queries. Hi SirI iamcat currently working and have work exp of 2 yeargeneraly i face problem in VA can you please suggest effective ways to improve on that?


Will it hamper my chances? They consider GMAT score.

Solve practice books and online tests. Also this should be well in advance of application deadlines.

What percentile can I expect in actual CAT, 15? Hi Srinivas, My score in quant is consistent on upper side. At a micro level analyze your AIMCAT papers performance and identify particular topics and also particular type of questions which you haven’t been able to crack.

Last year the students were allowed to take the exam a max of three time it was optionalthere after the best of the three attempts were taken as their actual performance while giving GDPI calls. Taking up some other course just to bridge the gap is a bad idea. When you thought it was easy and still took a beating on accuracy, check the aiimcat closely.

Hi, This query is out of topic Identify the qns that you have not been able to solve and understand the underlying concepts.